Ashamed 2B Human (-_-)


I honestly think that the movie Wall-E was a honest look into our future. I just watched a TV commercial for a new Mercedes car that brakes for you if you’re not paying attention, corrects the steering if you fall asleep and veer off your lane and a tv report on a robot car that does all the driving for you. ARE YOU SERIOUS ?? Have we really gotten that lazy to where we need a car to help us pay attention on the road or have a robot to the driving ?? I think our ancestors who didn’t have these type of luxury are shaking their heads at us in shame. Even I am ashamed to be human. So the movie Wall-E just pokes fun at the truth. We’re all gonna be lazy obese humans where robots do everything for us from changing our clothes to cooking and cleaning. What has the world come to ??


One thought on “Ashamed 2B Human (-_-)

  1. sanochi says:

    I think it’s more along the lines of people having more things they think they have to do, like eat, text, put on makeup, and drive at the same time. And having kids in the car can be a big distraction as well.
    If it saves lives it’s worth having, but there are reckless drivers out there either way.

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