L.A changes name Obese-city ?

I was born and lived most my life in Los Angeles. But I would rather not vote a Bacon wrapped Hotdog to be the official Hotdog of Los Angeles. Unless we want to change Los Angeles name to Obese-city instead. No matter how delicious a Bacon wrapped hotdog may be I think there are healthier alternatives to be our Official hotdog. Why not a turkydog with fresh chopped veggies on top like onions, tomato, and cucumber relish or a fresh salsa ? Bacon-wrapped hotdog is like the Hotdog from Hell I can only imagine the calories in such a hotdog. White bread, the Foster Farm Hotdog, and the bacon wrapped around it. Let’s go for Wheat Bun, Turkey or Soy Hotdog, with romaine lettuce wrapped around it. I really don’t think having a Bacon Wrapped Hotdog as the official hotdog of Los Angeles is gonna give a good impression about the city except that we’re Obese-city. With the number of Food trucks opening up and vast number of Fast Food chains I’m not gonna be surprised to be titled the Obese-city. I VOTE NO !!!


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