I Voted … Did you ??

Normally I don’t give a donkeys butt about Politics and never voted but yesterday I thought for once I’ll cast my vote for the 2010 year. I’m not saying who I voted for bcuz that would explode my blog with debates and why did you vote for her or him or why this why that. I enjoy my political camp fire so please no throwing gasoline into my camp fire, pls. LOL I rarely care for Politics but there was just one issue on the ballot that I just had to take a part of which was legalizing Marijuana in California. I 100% Oppose it !! Bad enough we got DUIs driving on the streets taking innocent lives or hormone raged teens street racing but to add Marijuana high to that ? Do you really want a family member, friend, or to hear on the NEWS about children being killed by a driver who was drunk AND high ? Not everyone can afford to buy Marijuana and legalizing it would mean more desperate people doing desperate measures just to get a couple bucks for Marijuana. But this blog isn’t about the topic of legalizing Marijuana. It’s mainly about voting and if you voted yesterday. I don’t vote bcuz I just think Politicians are all dirty ! They’ll do everything and anything to sink their opponents battleship. It’s just a dirty game of musical chair and who’ll get that last seat when the music is over.


One thought on “I Voted … Did you ??

  1. sanochiprojects says:

    Simply put, Democrats are for government, and Republicans are for business. Democrats want people to be dependent on the government, which is easier but limited. Republicans want you to increase business, which is harder but there’s more of a choice and more growth.
    For the marijuana, they want to legalize it so they can tax it, like cigarettes. If they weren’t making so much money from cigs it would be illegal.
    I voted, and I’m happy with the results. It will be harder for them to pass things starting in January, so that means they won’t pass a ton of things that will do more harm than good. Just watch the news for the next couple months to see how much they’ll force to pass before the Democrats lose some of their power.

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