R.I.P – Limewire (-_-)

For those of you that don’t know Limewire has been shutdown due to a Court Injunction. I’m truly gonna miss Limewire as it was my main means of downloading songs I liked. But I guess with the purchases of CD dramatically fallen since the unveiling of MP3 and MP3 players. Not much people buy CDs anymore so Music Artists profits aren’t much. MP3s are normally just .99 cents although you can buy the whole album in MP3 format most people just pluck out the songs they like and don’t bother with a whole album. But I believe Limewire wasn’t doing anything wrong. Of course the people who used and downloaded content were partly responsible with how they use their downloaded contents. I never done anything illegal or wrong with the music I’ve downloaded off Limewire over the years. It was mainly for my pleasure and personal enjoyment. I’ll Miss You, Limewire ! But it was a good couple years that you were up and running. Wish you Luck in whatever your future holds for you. Rest in Peace … Limewire 2010.


One thought on “R.I.P – Limewire (-_-)

  1. sanochiprojects says:

    There are many alternatives, but I agree. I’ll miss Limewire.

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