Deserving more recognition …

I’m currently working on a handmade gift for my Mom’s Birthday as well as a custom made Teddy-Bear project. Joann’s was where I got most of the supplies for both my upcoming projects. But when I goggled Joann’s for store hours I ran across a couple sites like YELP that negatively reviewed Joann’s store. I totally disagree with the negative reviews. I got to two stores … One in Glendale and another in La Canada Flintridge. The store in La Canada Flintridge I have encountered nothing but friendly and helpful service. I have had mostly positive experiences except for the fact that the aisles can be a little tight for someone in a wheelchair but the building is small so there’s not much they can do about that. Glendale is a pretty big store and I haven’t really had any negative experiences at this store location either. Except maybe with the Cash Register workers who could use a little less laziness and attitude. Overall the prices, selection, and ease of finding what you need is great. I think they deserve more than all the negative reviews on the websites.


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