Germs are not for Sharing !

I haven’t written in my Blog in awhile but I have to say that this is one of the things that really annoy the heck outta me these days. I wouldn’t say that I’ve become a Germ-a-Phobic but it seems that people aren’t as careful with keeping their germs to themselves anymore. I see people sneezing without covering their mouths but rather just turn their head and sneeze even if there’s someone stand nearby or passing by. But the worst that I’ve actually gotten sick from are people who cough without covering the mouths. I’m Japanese and in Japan when you’re sick you wear a face mask like the type a doctor would wear in surgery. When you see people in Japan wearing those it’s not to cover up their ugliness or anything but rather they’re sick and taking the utmost consideration in not sharing it with the rest of the world.

I was at the store later this evening and this lady who was sniffling with a runny nose, looked out of it, and tired was coughing wet mucus coughs. I passed by her and just as I was passing … *COUGH COUGH COUGH COUGH* without even covering her mouth. I held my breath as I passed hoping not to inhale her germs but I could only hold my breath for so long cuz who knows how far her airborne germs have spread. I’ve been known to hold my tongue but I seriously wanted to yell in her face … EXCUSE ME !! Haven’t you learned from Kindergarten to cover your mouth when you cough or do you just plain enjoy sharing your germs with others. Apparently you learned something from Kindergarten which is about sharing but health etiquette I guess must of been skipped and not that important to you.

I’ve been real bitchy about peoples cleanliness lately that I’m beginning to wanna carry a can of Lysol disinfectant spray with me and spray the air around me when I enter bathrooms or anywhere near someone who seems to be battling a cold. I already carry a mini air freshener to spray bathroom stalls that smell like it was being used to store fertilizer. Maybe I should start carrying disinfectant spray too. I just don’t wanna get sick that’s all. When I get sick my acute asthma flares up and I end up having moments of breathlessness. I’d have to use an inhaler for each moment I’m short of breath. So staying healthy and sick-free equals to a happier me. Maybe since people are being so generous with their germs I should stop in for a FLU SHOT to give me that extra boost to stay sick-free. So next time people … don’t share your germs and use common sense to cover your mouths. If you must do as the Japanese do and wear a Facial mask to prevent germs from spreading or just stay the heck home til you’re over the cold.


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