Bah Humbug !

Maybe I’ve lost the Christmas spirit or just the fact that my soul is rotting but I find Christmas deplorable. My older brother was the one who said BAH HUMBUG to Christmas and said it was all just a sham for stores to cash in some revenue and get people to spend their money on junk for other people who more or less will return it for store credit to get something they would of liked. Maybe his idea of Christmas has rubbed off on me cuz seriously who thought that the Birth of Jesus Christ meant we should all be giving each other gifts and decorating our houses with lights, frilly tinsel, glittering ornaments,  and Santa ? Who the heck is Santa and where did he come from ? Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ. A Jolly Fat Old Man in Red Furry Pajamas isn’t Jesus Christ. I think my Brother is right about Christmas being a sham and just a way for business to get extra revenue and people to spend money they most likely don’t have. I believe that the Birth of Jesus Christ is the Christmas gift to ALL of us from God. He is the gift !! Not us giving each other gifts or decorating our houses with lights, tinsel, and what not. If we are the give a gift to each other … let it be the gift of Jesus Christ. With all these shopping sales, gift ideas, house and tree decorating we forget the true meanings of Christmas and that is to spend it not by exchanging gifts on Christmas day but enjoying the time spent together with Family, Friends, and all those you truly Love. But more importantly remembering the birth of Jesus Christ and that he will save us from our sinful ways and instill forgiveness in our hearts and souls. So not just this Christmas but everyday remember that Jesus Christ died for our Sins and we are celebrating a Birthday not a Gifting day.

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