Christmas = More Christ

Ok, I’m back again psychotically babbling on about Christmas. My last entry on Christmas being a sham wasn’t pure heart but rather a bit of Christmas Frustration mixed with a dollop of PMS. LOL This time it is from the Heart and Soul … I swear. *Ugh* That sounded like a quote from Joan Rivers or Rosie O’Donell. Anyways there’s only 15 days til Christmas and I know everyone is busy shopping and spending to get those last minute presents whilst pulling their hair by the roots trying to think what to get Aunt Betty and Uncle Harry. With all the shopping, spending, long waiting lines, parking lots from hell, crammed stores, whiny children, etc. We easily forget what Christmas is truly about. It aint about the presents, the shopping, the decorations on the tree, or the twinkling lights outside but rather Christmas is about the Birth of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ isn’t just a Christian thing. Every religion has their own versions of Jesus Christ just as they have their own version of the Bible such as the Koran or the Buddhist scrolls. Christmas is about the Birth of Jesus Christ in and of ALL religions. In the Spanish language MAS means More. So if you were to read Christmas in Spanish it would translate to More Christ or Christ More. So the name itself can help you remember what Christmas is about. It’s not called ShoppingSpreeMas or MaxYourCreditCardsmas or DecorateTheTreemas *(=_=”) I could go on and on all day with this* LOL But Christmas is to celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ. Even right down to the Candy Canes you eat and share it’s about Christmas. The story be told is that a Candy maker wanted to create a candy representing the Birth of Jesus Christ. So he made a Candy in the shape of a J for Jesus and colored it Red for the Blood he shed for us and White for the Purity of Jesus himself. It’s all around us but sometime we just become blind and distracted to remember to take time this holiday season to bring God into our hearts and thank him for the birth of his son … Jesus Christ for whom will sacrifice his Life in the name of our sins. Remember and read John 3:16 … doing so will make your Christmas a little more Merry not just this year but always inside your heart. God Bless You and Have a Merry and Safe weekend.


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