Santa Are You Senile ?

A Poem wrote by : BLAZiNx6iRL

Santa are you senile

It’s Christmas time again and what do you see,
The Lights, The Tinsel, and The Christmas tree.
With Christmas time around you’re bound to here the sound,
Of Children giggling with excitement that Santa’s comin’ round.

Well, you won’t hear me making any of that sound,
Cuz I’ll tell you what I found.
Santa is an old billy goat.
Who gets around in a bed red boat.

One Christmas I ask Dear Santa my wish for Christmas is a Cat,
Come Christmas day I unwrapped my present and it was a baseball bat.
The following year I was extra good asked Dear Santa my wish this year is for a bike that’s colored blue,
Come Christmas day I come to find a dreidel when I’m not even a Jew.

Santa are your senile.
My Christmas gifts are wrong.
Don’t you get my letters I send you …  they aren’t very long.
I sing your favorite carols, your favorite Christmas song.

I sit and wait year after year for Santa to give me what I wished that year.
But to no avail Santa disappoints me year after year.
One Christmas year I asked for Peace and Love,
And I all I got was poop from a dove.

Each year I behave … I warm your milk in a microwave
But still my wishes aren’t granted each year.
I’m starting to think the message is clear

Santa YOU ARE  senile
Are you forgetting your role
To bring Christmas presents wished upon Christmas year
Your Ho Ho Ho turned into Uh Oh No

I hope you’ll be happy that this Christmas year
I’ve been very naughty and I know it’s sad to hear
I’ve gone to the dark side they got cookies and a game called Fear
I don’t want any present and don’t care this year

Santa are you senile
Who care if you aren’t
But you never bring my presents
I wish for each year.

So Bah Hum Bug Christmas
I wont sing-a-long to your favorite Christmas carol … your Favorite Christmas song.
You can take your cookies but please leave my house
For my Pitbull will be waiting his name is Von Claus.

Merry Christmas … Dear Santa.

Don’t pet my Mouse, for it has fleas and babies that scurry about the house.


Now I felt the need to add that the Poem written above was created just for FUN. Remember that Christmas isn’t about the Presents or if and what Santa brought you. It’s about being with your Friends and Family and to celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ. The Poem written above is fiction and was written in a 3rd person view as a child. It was strictly written for laughs and giggles cuz we all know with the craziness of the Holidays we could use a chuckle or two. Merry Christmas everyone !!


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