Get With the Times …

It’s been a long time since I last babbled on in my Blog. Just got lazy with Blah Blah Blogging. Today I just wanna talk about my opinion on mannequin dolls. I was at the mall yesterday evening window shopping mostly and was pretty discouraged/disappointed at the many mannequin posing the latest outfits in the shop windows. I’m sorta a plus-sized person and it’s very discouraging to see every store window had mannequins of petite/slim figured. With obesity being the #1 epidemic nowadays not every woman has a size 6 figure and can fit the clothes that is being displayed on the mannequins. Even in the Plus-Sized fashion store the mannequins in the window were of slim figure. I understand that maybe it makes the clothes/store look more attractive to have slim figured mannequins displaying the clothing of the store but would it hurt to have some plus-sized Mannequins ?? I mean I’m not talking about a mannequin who’s round as the kool-aid guy but someone of a figure like the Michelin tire mascot.

It’s just hurtful to a plus-sized person to see a outfit that looks beautiful and yet, know they’ll never be able to fit in such a outfit cuz the mannequin is 3x slimmer than themselves. I think stores may have more business if they display mannequins to real body sizes of the current times. I mean if I saw a plus-sized mannequin wearing a beautifully put together outfit then I most likely will stroll on into the store to see how that outfit would look on myself and buy it ! But if there’s a slim figured mannequin wearing the outfit I’d gaze into the window, comment on how nice the outfit looks, and continue to stroll right passed the store. Wouldn’t even think twice of maybe checking out the store cuz by the mannequin display it gives off the vibe that most likely 99.9% of the clothes in that store I probably couldn’t fit into.

I know there are plus-sized fashion stores that sell fashionable clothing for the more full figured people but I think ALL stores in malls or any clothing store should have at least a few plus-sized mannequins displayed out. Like Old Navy for example … ALL their mannequin models are of slim/fit figured. So even though I do browse the store I most often leave empty handed cuz nothing fits me. If I do buy something it’s a belt, maybe nice hat, or backpack, etc. I honestly think in my honest opinion that clothing stores seem to discriminate against the plus-sized/full figured people by displaying slim figured mannequins. It’s like putting up a hidden sign that says WE ONLY SELL TO SKINNY PEOPLE. That’s why I don’t go clothing shopping often. I buy what fits and wear it til’ it just worn out to it’s last threads.

I hate shopping in womens clothes with their number system. Size 6, 8, 10, 14, 14w, 16, 16w, 16w Long, 16w Skinny, etc. I’m kinda glad that I’m a Tomboy and in Mens sizes I’m a Large in Tshirt sizes and pants I can easily just pick up a 42×30 jeans and I’m set. If I go into the womens … I’m a 2X or XXL in TShirts and pants I’m like a 16-18 and the size depends on the brand. Not in the mens ! Levis sizes are all the same just the style of the jeans from Carpenters, Cargos, Regular Fit, Husky, Loose Fit, etc. Simple as that ! (>D<)


3 thoughts on “Get With the Times …

  1. Rachel says:

    It’s bad for all sizes, I’m a smaller size (size 6-8) and i will never have the figure of a mannequin. For example being that slim it would be highly unlikely for a woman to have boobs that size as most woman between 6-8 would be a a-b cup. Also the hip size and rib sizes are unrealistic. So even skinny woman are lusting for a figure that is impossible to gain!
    Your right, mannequins should not just be the one unabtainable figure but be many shapes, such as a womans body really is.

    • Yes, I completely agree that mannequins shouldn’t come in just one size and I think clothing stores would totally benefit by having mannequins of different figure sizes displayed in their windows. I was at the mall the other day and I noticed alot of the women who looked nothing like the mannequins would look at the outfits and say that’s cute but then say of course I’d never be able to fit into that. The mannequins should be more realistic in body shape and size so more people would go …. Oh that outfit is nice and it’s probably in my size. I’m gonna go in and check it out. Instead of saying cute outfit but I’ll never fit into that and walk passed the shop.

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