How’d you get that accent ?

So my Curiosity Monday entry is about language accents. I was watching a show where an Asian lady who was born and raised in Malaysia moved and studied in Cambridge to become a chef. What sparked my curiosity in her accent. She has a heavy British accent like she was born and raised in Europe/England/London. But she said she was born and raised in Malaysia so why doesn’t she have a Asian accent ?

Why did a couple years spent in Cambridge leave her with a heavy British accent ?? It made me wonder if she’s just faking the British accent or if she really lost her Asian Accent and gained a British accent. I mean do you seriously lose who you are verbally by just spending a couple years in another country ? If I moved to China for a couple years will I forget my Japanese and become fluent in Chinese and speak with a Chinese Accent ? It’s something that I ponder.

4 thoughts on “How’d you get that accent ?

  1. Michael McGinnity says:

    Accents change because of what people hear all the time. Based on the shows you watch and the people you’re around, and how you learn, accents change all the time.
    It’s all about what comes natural and an internal feeling of wanting to belong. Those two things together makes or breaks your accent.

    • It’s just horrible when people are trying to change into a accent that doesn’t suit them. Like for example the native Asia born people who try so hard to speak English. It’s so terrible they’re better off just speaking in their own language than making themselves look like a buffoon trying to speak a language that isn’t native to them.

  2. Accents can change. I picked up an Australian accent after living here for two years. Now, after 6 years, it’s even more Aussie…and even Australians I meet think I was born and brought up here. I think it depends on how eager some people are to integrate with the country they move to. I know I have always loved the Australian accent and given that I hung out with all Aussies, I was quick in picking up the accent. However, when I meet people from other cultures who tend to keep to their ethnic/cultural group and I find that they may have been here for about 20 years but still have their original accents…

    • I think the Asian culture more tend to say be stubborn or keep to their roots rather than blend in with another. My Mom’s been in the US for over 30+ yrs and she hasn’t learned English just enough to get by but not enough to understand what’s going on in the 6 o’clock News. I’d Love to someday travel to Australia ! 😀 Was watching a travel show about Australia and it looks like a beautiful place. Would love to see Koalas, Kangaroos, and Dingos in the wild but I’ll pass on the close up interaction with the gators. What I’d love to do is get over my fear of deep waters and drowning to learn Scuba Diving and check out the wonders of the reefs around Australia.

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