I wanna share with you my experience with the HTC EVO phones. I have the HTC EVO Shift pictured above this text. When I first got the phone I was so excited and thinking this is gonna be great. But after the first couple days of owning the phone I find that the phone is crappy !! As the title of the blog says … All Hype, plenty of Gripe. Most of the issues with this phone are pretty minor but it does give you a headache if you think about them too much. For example … The weather on your phone doesn’t update or work half the time and don’t even get me started on the Android market. I don’t know what some of the phone reviewers were smoking when they said the HTC EVO was better than an iPhone. Android market games aren’t even worth paying attention to. Maybe a pinch of games are worth purchasing but most are badly made like it were made by a bunch of high school students or something. Am I missing something here that a bunch of people LOVE this phone ?? So far I’m liking it only cuz I can finally browse the internet whenever but that’s about it. SprintTV which is included in the everything data plan isn’t worth all the rave and rant either. I’m praying that someday the iPhone comes to Sprint cuz the HTC EVO is nowhere as awesome as an iPhone.


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