Soft As Kittens Fur .. =(nTn)=

If you’ve ever owned a Cat, Rabbit, or Hamster you’d know how soft their fur feels. You could sit and pet them all day long and sometimes even wanna nuzzle them against your cheeks cuz they’re so soft. Well, my blah blah blog entry for today is about my *NEW* addiction to Micro-Plush blankets. They’re the softest blankets you’ll ever wrap yourself around in. I have Three(3) to count and I just got a new one which is super soft. I just wanna wrap myself in it and never leave.

I don’t know if it’s possible to become aroused or have an orgasm over a non-living thing but these Micro-Plush blankets the feeling is so soft it leaves your mind numb from the rest of the world and sorta orgasmic feeling to roll around in the soft silky feeling. I just can’t put my finger on why it makes you feel so … I don’t know how to describe it. All I know is one rub of this blanket against my face and I melt into a puddle of goo. It’s a very awesome blanket and I think everyone should have one. I know I’m a forever fan of these micro-plush blankets and my future kids will all have one for sure.

I’m thinking of getting a Micro-Plush Snuggie to keep me warm as I do my internet browsing and what not. But I wanna find one in a store cuz not all Micro-Plush are created equal. There are some that claim to be Micro-Plush but just feel like a soft fleece blanket. Don’t give me Turkey and tell me it’s Chicken !! It’s totally different texture. So I don’t wanna order online and find it’s not the Uber Soft Micro-Plush that I yearn for. All I can say is having these Micro-Plush blankets … I look forward to shutting down every night just so I can immerse myself in the cuddly softness and warmth. With Micro-Plush blankets you know you’ll be having Sweet Dreams for sure. I guarantee that !!

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