Leave the Man Alone …

I think we’ve all heard of the celebrity gossip regarding Charlie Sheen and everyone is oozing over his recent behaviors and how can you not know about it when every NEWS channel is buzzing with reports about Charlie Sheen. Sure he has done drugs and everyone thinks he’s a total nut job now. But what actor hasn’t had a drug addiction. Being an Actor/Actress isn’t a easy life. You can’t live a normal life. You can’t go grocery shopping without fans and non-fans googling over the fact that you’re shopping in the same store they are at that very moment. Now don’t even start about the Paparazzi cuz Privacy and Respect are two things that aren’t in a Paparazzi’s vocabulary. Why won’t people understand that Actors/Actresses are just ordinary people like you or me. They’re human and yet, we act like they’re some rare tropical galobus monkey in a tree. When they’re seen people go NUTS and act like they’re aliens from outer space.

Charlie Sheen has had a hard life I’m sure. But why is everyone all on his case ? He’s been divorced many times and from what I’ve read in the Newspaper his estranged wife is the one to blame for Charlie Sheen’s behaviors. She is divorcing him and like a juicy orange she squeezed every last bit outta Charlie Sheen financially.Keep in mind he’s been previously divorced so I’m sure he has previous child/spousal support payments he’s been making and then he gives his heart to another cold-hearted woman who later divorces him when she get’s bored with him. If you were paying more than 80% of your paycheck to your ex-spouse and kids you’d wanna just throw in the towel and go insane too. I mean why bother working hard to earn income when it’s all going to your ex and kids.

I mean don’t get me wrong the kids surely deserve support but I think ex-wife/husbands should not be allowed to get support from an ex. You’re a grown adult ! You were surely supporting yourself before you got married so what’s stopping you from going back to supporting yourself ? I especially think it’s stupid when celebrity ex-wives claim alimony or spousal support. They’re actresses making money themselves so why do they need support from their ex-husband ?? Money is always the root of all Evil !! And it’s always the women who in divorce case go straight for their ex-husbands wallets and look towards sucking every last penny to pocket lint they can. Sure the marriage has come to an end but can’t you be civilized and end the marriage with your pride and dignity still intact ? When a marriage comes to an end … I’d rather just send him/her on his way with simple words of GOODBYE and MAY GOD BLESS YOU.

I think people need to leave Charlie Sheen alone. He’s a great actor and I know he’ll be successful in his career. People need to quit being so shallow minded and focusing on flaws but rather see within the person he is and am. I loved Charlie Sheen in the Wraith and of course in Two and a Half men. There’s talks of replacing him with a different actor but I say Good Luck. I’m not watching unless it’s Charlie Sheen playing Charlie Harper. All I can say is I wish you well in whatever your future holds for you, Charlie !! Keep God in your heart and turn to him in need.


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