Obesity Epidemic or Am I missing something ??

Am I missing something or are we seriously dealing with an epidemic of LARGE propotions ? I was browsing online for a dress and this company I like has tons of beautiful dresses but none were in my size. Every dress I looked at didn’t have my size in stock. Now take it I think it’s a sign for me to hit the gym and seriously shed some pounds myself when I went to professionally get my measurements and find I’m a 3X in dress size. But every dress I looked at 3X was out of stock. We aren’t talking about just one or two dresses but like 6 to 8 and all 3X size were out of stock. Either we’ve gone SUPER sized or Hippos are stealing the plus size dresses.

Here in California the FDA is trying to get us to make better eating choices by newly mandating that ALL Fast Food restaurants post their calories on their menus. It really popped my eyes outta my eye sockets (O_o) to see that what I thought was a innocent meal had calories enough to fill you for the day. The daily recommended value of Calories is 2,000. But meals I once thought were innocent had like 1,500 calories in them. I was like OMG that’s more than 1/2 the daily recommended value. You eat that meal you can’t eat or drink anything else for the rest of the day. But seriously who can do that ? We consume the 1,500 calorie meal then before dinner we’d grab a snack like chips, soda pop, or ice cream which alone has 300-500 calories. You just MAXED your daily value but there’s dinner so you’ll pack on another 1,000 to keep your belly happy. Counting the numbers I can easily see why obesity can become a epidemic and affecting over 90% of the population. Somebody needs to create a Fast Food restaurant where menu items are under 200-300 calories or less, be tasty, and still be affordable too.

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