Fourth of July

Well, 4th of July is soon approaching and everyone is pumped up to have a great weekend. 4th of July means different things to different people. To some it may mean gathering with family, BBQs, and Fireworks but to others it might be something else. I think we need to remember the true meaning of July 4th and it isn’t the independence of America. But rather remember that 4th of July should be a day to remember and count the blessings that America has brought into your lives. Especially if you weren’t born here and came here from another country.

Burning your money in Fireworks and filling your belly with good food isn’t exactly what 4th of July should be all about. It’s appreciating the Life you were able to have here in America the land of opportunity. Count the blessings and opportunities given to you by this glorious country.

For example … my fiance would never imagined living the Life he has now if he was still back home in the Philippines. He is thankful to his Mother who brought him to the US and the wonderful US of A for giving him the many opportunities to have a better Life. So I think this 4th of July instead of burning your money with Fireworks donate that money to Disabled Veterans of America or spend it celebrating and remembering our troops or saving it towards your thanks and blessings in America. Have a Safe and Happy 4th of July !!

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