Subway Eat Fresh … Cockroaches !

PLEASE AVOID !!! Subway Store # 20906 : 5537 Sunset Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90028

I have not written in my Blog in awhile but today I have found a reason to add to my Blog. I just got back from a visit to Subway to satisfy a midnight snack craving. I tried the Pizza @ Subway and my husband ordered a 6″ inch Roast Beef sandwich on Honey Oat bread. When I told the Subway worker that I wanted the Pepperoni pizza he questioned my order by saying “Are you sure you really want the Pepperoni Pizza” ? I replied to him … “Yes, I’d like the Pepperoni pizza”. Again he says “Are you sure’ ? Again I replied “Yes, why is there something wrong with the Pepperoni Pizza” ? He didn’t answer back after that. Which should of maybe prompted me to order something else or just leave but I was craving for a Pizza.

As we waited for the Pizza and my husband’s sandwich to get toasted a transient enters the store. He stood behind my husband for a moment then asks my husband to buy him a bowl of soup. My husband told him … “Sorry man I only have enough cash for our meal”. The transient paused for a moment asked the Subway employee for a bowl of soup and the employee replied to him that it’s $2.19. The transient again this time with a little more aggression in his voice turns to my husband and asks him to again buy him a bowl of soup. My husband again repeats … “No, I’m sorry”. The transient then steps closer to my husband almost nose to nose and asks him to please buy a bowl of soup for him. The transient repeatedly harasses my husband and all the while the Subway employee just stood there building up my husband’s sandwich. I was appalled that he did not make any attempt to tell the transient that if he isn’t going to buy something that he has to leave and stop harassing customers or the cops will be called. He just stood there and I know he heard the transients repeatedly harassment to buy a bowl of soup. The transient later just left the store without bothering us any further.

We sat down to enjoy our meal and trying to forget the whole ordeal. The Subway employee also had a very bad attitude and wasn’t friendly at all. He didn’t seem like he wanted to serve you and you were more bothering him or annoying him. But we tried to enjoy our after-hour snack. I went to refill my 12 oz. drink when a cockroach scurried across the beverage machine. I got more ice and refilled  my beverage. I reached to grab a new straw only to find a pack of cockroaches hanging out/crawling around the beverage caps, straws, coffee stirrers, sugar packets, creamer, etc. I threw my drink away, finished up whatever food I had left, and we got the heck outta there.

This Subway location is open 24 hours but with cockroaches scurrying freely about it shouldn’t be open at all. I can’t imagine or probably can picture that sooner or later a cockroach is going to be crawling around the Subway sandwich ingredients as the workers often turned their backs and walked into the back room of the store. I am definitely NOT going to this Subway again and advise EVERYONE to please avoid this Subway store.


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