Facebook charging membership fees … FALSE !!

Mini Comic created by : MYT CR8TiV ART

I am sure you’ve all heard the RUMOR that Facebook will start charging a Membership fee to use and keep your Facebook page. It’s a bunch of BULLS#!T. You believe everything that floats around the internet ? You get enraged and consider deleting/abandoning your Facebook page. Yes, the recent update was terrible decision and changed your Facebooking experience a tad but you get used to the changes. Now about Facebook charging you a membership fee in the near future. They already do that without your knowledge. What do you think you’re doing when you buy some Facebook cash to buy that cute farm house for Farmville or that adorable outfit for your Sim Social Avatar or to get you more chips to play on the Zynga poker. When you buy Facebook cash you’re paying Facebook so you can buy virtual items … such as couch you’ll never get to sit on, a dress you’ll never actually get to wear, or that adorable puppy who will never sit on your lap. So in a way Facebook charged you already long ago for those who’ve spent money for Facebook cash. Don’t be ashamed we’re all guilty of occasionally buying some. I’ll even admit to doing it once or twice. And with Facebook having BILLIONS of visitors I am sure there are those who have money to blow on Virtual items via Facebook cash that Facebook is raking in quite a nice pile of bananas. Why would they charge for a membership fee ?? They get money off advertisers, game developers who post their games onto Facebook, and the financially weak who buy Facebook cash. Quit believing everything you hear, read, or watch … FACEBOOK IS NOT GOING TO CHARGE A FEE !! When Facebook starts charging a fee to use their site … God will start charging us to breath in air.           .:  END OF SUNDAY RANT :.


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