Foursquare = Spying ?

My Step-Son was telling me about how much fun Foursquare is and how he’s reached Mayor rank. He explained to me how Foursquare works and how you check-in wherever you’re currently at and you’re given points to which you earn a badge and a rank. I didn’t find much interest in Foursquare til one day I found it in the Android Market and it’s a *FREE* app so I figured what the hey I’ll give this Foursquare thing a try. My husband was off yesterday and we always go out and about on his days-off so I decided to put the Foursquare to use and check-in @ every place we went. At the end of the day I had gotten a score of 60 and about 5 badges.

Then I started thinking … Hmm … it is a thrill to get a badge/score for every place you went but at the same time if you add friends who also have Foursquare it notifies your friend where you’re currently at or been. I’m not sure I like the idea of my friends knowing where I’m constantly at or been. If you sync it with Facebook then ALL the people on your Facebook both friends and random strangers you added will know where you’ve been and at.

Do we really want to be sharing this kinda stuff ? I mean this app might be great for insecure or over-secure parents who wants to know exactly where their kids are at or been but it seems a bit like snooping or spying on someone’s every little move. Doesn’t it fall a bit into invasion of privacy ? Of course they’ll only be able to know where you are or been if you check-in to Foursquare and you’re pretty much safe if you don’t .

Either way it’s kinda fun and long as you don’t sync with Facebook and just add Friends/Family members to your Foursquare it can probably be a fun app to have. Except if it get’s hacked and the hacker follows a celebrity on Foursquare or random people then it’s a bit creepy and scary to have.


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