Anniversaries … Why just one ??

This post may be Two(2) days late but (=~=) I was lazy and forgot to post it on the actual day. Anyways for those of you who don’t know I got married on September 10, 2011 … (n__n) that’s right the date is 09-10-11 in numerical order. On November 10, 2011 we celebrated our Two(2) months Wedding Anniversary but also on the November 5th we celebrated our Relationship Anniversary. Some may think it’s weird to have Two(2) Anniversaries and some say you only get one and drop the other.

But I believe that the day you first met is just as important as the day you got married and still deserves to be celebrated just the same. I met my soulmate on August 5, 1999 and we were married on September 10, 2011. For those of you doing the math we were together for 12+ yrs. before we got married. Many married couples once they get married drop/forget their relationship anniversary date and most vaguely remember when the date was. Although the women never really forget but men often do.

In some ways I think the day you first met is more important that the day you got married. Bcuz often times many people base on how long they’ve been together by the length of their marriage when in truth they’ve most likely been together LONG before they got married. So I think it’s only fair to have to Anniversaries to celebrate ! Your Relationship Anniversary and your wedding Anniversary.

Like one of my friends believe Birthdays shouldn’t be just a one day celebration but rather a week long celebration celebrating your first week of Life rather than your first day. But I will blog about that another time. So for those of you who are married … celebrate both your Relationship Anniversary and Wedding Anniversary. As for as gift giving goes I think for Relationship Anniversaries a card, some flowers, or a stuffed animal is proper but for the Wedding Anniversary you give a little more meaningful gift.

I celebrate my Anniversaries on a Monthly basis the 10th of each month is marking my Anniversary by month. I know some just mark their Anniversary by Year and only get a gift for their Husband/Wife every year. But I think your Love flame remains ablaze when you go by Month than Year. Why just each Year remember why you Love your Husband/Wife and treat Him/Her out to a romantic dinner and get a gift ?

I understand with this tough economy we can’t always go out to a Steakhouse each month and buy a diamond pendant either. But there’s nothing wrong with just going out for Chinese and eating it via Picnic @ the Park or grab a Pizza and a bottle of Sparkling Cider and eat on a Blanket by the Beach. My Husband and I have even just shared a Soft Pretzel @ the Santa Monica pier on an Anniversary. You don’t have to break the Piggy bank or empty out your Credit Cards on a Monthly Anniversary just go out and enjoy being together. Don’t forget a camera to take pictures to freeze the moments in Time. Happy Belated Anniversary, Hubby-Bear !! ❤ X0X0X0


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