Such a Pricey Hobby … (-__-)

Who knew that a Hobby such as Quilting can be such an expensive hobby. I’ve always wanted to learn to quilt and after my niece made a beautiful quilt in daycare and my friend made a 1st time quilt … it encouraged me to step forward into learning a *NEW* hobby to add to my extensive experience/resume of Crafts I do. My first quilt didn’t turn out so perfect bcuz the squares I cut out of fabric weren’t all the exact same size. So I went out to look for quilting rulers at my local craft shops. I specifically was looking for square quilting rulers and one of a 6″ x 6″ size bcuz the 5″ x 5″ CD cover I was using and the 1/4″ inch seam shrunk the square down to about a 4.5″ square which was too small to appreciate the fabric patterns in my opinion. So I went in search of some supplies needed for Quilting such as a Cutting mat *XS My Desk looks like a cat attacked it with it’s claws*, A Square Ruler, and a *NEW* blade for my Rotary cutter.

I went to my Local craft store only to find Cutting mat prices start at like $10 for a small 10″ x 10″ up to like $50 for a XXL sizes. I said to myself I’ll skip that for now. On to the quilting rulers section … (O_0) A small 4″ x 4″ square ruler was $11 and the 5″ x 5″ $14. I saw a square ruler that appealed to me it had a 6″ x 6″ square within say a 10″ square. Price of that ruler … $29 !!! I left the store with nothing but *NEW* needles for my sewing machines which were $3. (>u<)

I’m not saying I’m a cheap ass but not everyone has $$$ to spend on one ruler and a cutting mat. Someone should create a cheaper alternative but still give you the same quality the higher priced items would. I’ve ventured through alot of different crafts and I gotta say that Quilting has been the most expensive one so far. I have done knitting – not expensive, looming – not expensive, amigurimi – not expensive, painting – not expensive, sculpting – not expensive, holiday craft – not expensive, quilting – EXPENSIVE !!

To complete a quilt you’ll need at least, 1-2 yards of fabric in different patterns/colors … I made my 1st quilt a 8 square by 10 square so I needed 4 different types of fabric. A fat square is an option rather than buying a yard but it requires like 2-3 of each color/pattern just to make the 80 squares I needed. Then there’s the ruler to make the squares, the thread to match, the quilt batting, the yard of fabric to cover the back of your quilt, and the binding to make the nice edge around your quilt. In total everything would be like $100+ dollars.

A tip I’ve learned over the years is always search the remnant bin at the craft stores. I often times find remnants of nice fabric for like $2 for 1/2 a yard or find very sturdy fabric that I use for making grocery bags for $2-3. Sometimes I collect enough remnant scraps that I can make a nice pillow, plush toy, or other craft items. It may take a while but you can probably find enough fabric to make a quilt for under $20 it’s just the supplies you’ll need that is a pain in the butt.

A suggestion I am thinking about is Hardware store. Yes, I said Hardware store like a HomeDepot, Lowes, or DIY Hardware store. Most stores at least HomeDepot they will cut any piece of wood to your sizing. I was thinking what if you buy a heavy plywood that has some weight to it, have them cut it into a specific square size, go home sand the edges down, apply a smooth clear lacquer, and attach a dresser knob to the center of it and make your own quilting square from wood. You can spray some sort of adhesive or nail in a rubber mat on the bottom so it doesn’t slip plus if you buy a wood with some weight it probably won’t slip around on the fabric. The wood itself would probably cost like $5, a dresser knob like $1-2, and the dollar store sells gripping kitchen drawer liners which you can cut and super glue/hot glue gun to the bottom of it.

Hmmm … you know the suggestion above sounds workable. I think I will put it to the test for my quilting bloggers and see if it works at replacing the expensive plastic rulers. I’ll head to a Hardware store this weekend and create one of these wooden square rulers to put to the test if it will work just the same as a quilting square. I will definitely post pictures and results as they come. So I guess I’ll end this blog entry by saying …. TO BE CONTINUE ….

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