Nintendo 3DS … Yay or Nay … Pass or Play ?

I consider myself to be an Avid gamer and more or less a Veteran of the Video Game consoles. My first taste of video gaming was that in the 1980s which was PONG and from there I had a Coleco Vision and Atari. I was pretty much born with a love for Video Games. If there were such thing as Video Game console resumes my console history would be quite extensive. Which is why I felt it was my duty to both fellow avid gamers and new video gamers to-be to provide review and input on the Nintendo 3DS system. Hopefully my blog will help you in your decision to purchasing one or not this Christmas or in the future.

As an early Christmas present my Husband bought me a 3DS bundle pack which included a Pearl Pink 3DS and Nintendogs French Bulldog and New friends game plus the *NEW* Super Mario 3D Land. (n_n) I Love my husband so much !! He knew I was always puzzling over the idea of the DSi/DSi XL .vs. 3DS but knew I wanted to play some of the games that are only available on the 3DS. Now that I have a 3DS I can tell you the PROs and CONs to having this 3DS over the DSi/DSi XL. But I have to tell you it’s a bit disappointing to say the least. So here we go …

PROs : You have the 1st video game console to ever go 3D – You can watch Netflicks, listen to MP3s, take 3D videos & pictures, can sync with your Nintendo Wii. (T~T) There’s not much PROs compared to the CONs which isn’t a good thing.

CONs : You rarely if ever use the 3D setting – Your Eyes tire faster than if you were playing a regular 2D DS/DSi – Battery Life only lasts 3-4 hours which is good for parents who have kids that won’t get off their handheld game consoles but makes the 3DS portability useless unless you got a car charger – Occasionally freezes on you where it you have to hold the power button for 3-4 seconds to restart – the eShop is not as extensive as say the WiiWare shopping channel or the DSiWare shop. There’s only approx. 37 games available for downloading and prices can range from $.99-6.99

There seems to be more Negatives over the positives. But keep in mind that the 3DS is still fairly *NEW* so upgrades and downloadable content will improve over time but it ain’t going to be any time soon I’m sure of that. Probably within a year or more will things start to get a little better with the 3DS. As of now my opinion on the 3DS is … Meh !! 7 out of 10 rating. I think for those of you especially with younger kids like under 10 just stick with getting your son/daughter a DSi. If you wanna upgrade from the DS lite get them a DSi XL which has a bigger screen, longer battery life like 6-8 hours, and still able to enjoy their previous DS games. If my 3DS wasn’t a gift I think I might return and exchange for a DSi XL instead bcuz to be honest the 3DS isn’t all that much of a hoot as I thought it would be.


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