Where have you been ?


Wow ! When was the last time I wrote in my Psycho Babble Blog ? Been a long time … I think ? So a few of you have been wondering where I’ve been and unless you’re my friend on Facebook I’ve eluded you since my last blog post. Well, let me bring you up to date. Umm … let’s see in September 2011 I got married to my sweetie of 12+ yrs., the hectic Holidays where I spend like 2 weeks or more at my Mom’s, my Hubby was transitioning to another job, and I just didn’t find anything of interest to really blog about. Well, sometimes I do but I’m just too lazy or forget it that it didn’t go to my Blog. I will try to be more active on my blog again real soon. To those Haters who post Hate comments on my blog posts … My Blog is no place for hate comments so they’re immediately deleted. This is a NO H8 zone. I’m Rubber your Glue what you say to me just bounces off and hits you smack in the face. Drink your Haterade and Hate Cereal elsewhere. Thank you !

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