February 1st – A Time to Reflect

Well, January has come and gone. We’re officially 2 months into the new 2012 year. How are your New Years resolutions coming along ? I never make one cuz I can never keep it. But being we’re now 2 months into the 2012 year I think we should take time to reflect and think back to what January had in store and the blessings that came in the 1st month of 2012. For me 2012 year has started off to a good start. Hopefully it will remain this way for the rest of 2012.

What makes my 2012 year start off so great you ask ? Well, for one I am starting a new year as a married woman to a wonderful husband. My husband made a switch from a good job to a better job with way better benefits and pay. I am slowly inching closer to opening my own Website for my Creative hobbies and crafts. Through my website I’ll be selling, teaching, and sharing the many crafts I’ve come to learn and love. The site name will be … MYT CR8TiV.com MYT serves as two purposes … MYT can be pronounced as Mighty but MYT is actually my initials *Before I got married* My initials now after marriage is MYF but since my Father passed in August 2006 I felt it was in his honor to keep using his name. I am actually thinking of dropping my middle name and change it to my maiden name so I can continue his honor. I Miss You, Daddy !

Now within the next couple months I hope to accomplish a few personal goals such as passing/obtaining a Drivers License. Oddly I’ve been trying to get my Drivers License since I was 19 and I’m Three(3) months away from 3o still no license. I AM NOT A HORRIBLE DRIVER so please do not comment saying maybe it’s best you not have your license cuz if it takes you 11 years then maybe it’s for the best. Things just kept happening each time I went for my Drivers test.

1st time – I got a very racist and disrespectful Armenian Driving Instructor who forced me to go against the DMV handbook rules, failed me, and yelled at me for something that was her fault … 2nd time – I missed by 5 points … 3rd time – a DUI Drunk Driver side-swipes my car while parked in the street. Had to replace the drivers side mirror … 4th time – My Drivers side window just decides to stop rolling down … etc. I could go on forever with all the time something always happened as I was going for my Driving test. So I’m hoping within the next few months I’ll double … no triple check and repair what needs fixing and retake my test to pass it finally !

I hope that February will be a wonderful month for everyone full of memories to cherish for years to come. Especially with Valentine’s day coming up. (- ~ -) My Husband is working on Valentine’s day but his work hours are alot better now so he’ll be home around 7pm for dinner plans. Yay !! \(nDn)/ Take time today outta your hectic busy lives to reflect on how 2012 has started off for you and picture where you’d like to be or do in the next months to come.


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