Happy Groundhog’s Day ! (T_T) 6 more weeks of Winter … Horray !

Well, our chipper little groundhog Mr. Punxsutawney Phil was pulled outta his humble abode like he is every February to check if he can see his shadow or not to predict if Spring has arrived or Winter extended. I was hoping for Spring cuz Spring is my favorite season. Beautiful Flowers are blooming on trees, Wild Flowers bloom besides Mountain trails, Wild Life are awake and full of vigor after their long hibernation, and Bird return home after being gone for the Winter.

Not to mention the weather in California get’s just right. Think of me like Goldilocks and the Three seasons … Summer – Too Hot, Winter – Too Cold, Spring – Is just right ! *I know there’s Four(4) seasons but Fall is seems really short compared to the other seasons* Spring time always brings happy thoughts and memories for me. Weather wise it’s great ! Not too cold that you need to bundle up but not too hot that you need to sport Summer clothes.

I don’t know what it is but the world looks a lot brighter in the Spring with Flowers and just how flora and flauna flourishing everywhere.  Trees are getting their foliage back, Flowers blooming in the trees, Birds return chirping outside your window, and the neighborhood squirrels can be seems romping across the electrical wires and swirling around tree trunks again. I just love Spring !!


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