So Sad … All Dogs Go To Heaven.

I thought I’d share with you a story I read posted on Facebook that really tugged at my heart. Rest in Peace K9 friend. (; ~ 😉

En el medio de un calle muy transitada, un …perro fue visto cuidando de otro, un buen amigo que fue atropellado.

Con su patita intentaba despertar a su amigo, que sin saberlo, ya estaba muerto, intentando empujarlo para fuera de la carretera y si alguien intenta ayudarlo, simplemente ruñia sin dejar que nadie se le acercara.

A pesar del transito, el no abandonaba a su amigo, el intentaba, de alguna manera socorrerlo…..

Las personas que pasaban, paraban para apreciar esa escena impresionante, veian que el perro, un simple mestizo, sin sueño, era compañero y leal …… COMPARTE LA IMAGEN!


In the middle of a busy street, a dog was seen … caring for another, a good friend who was hit.

With his leg trying to wake his friend, who unknowingly was already dead, trying to push it off the road and if someone tries to help, just gave it to her without letting anyone near him.

Despite the traffic, not left to his friend, trying to somehow help him …..

People passed, stopped to see this impressive scene, saw the dog, just a mestizo, sleepless, and loyal companion was …… SHARE THE PICTURE!


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