***UPDATE : Nintendo 3DS – Play or Pass ?***

This is an Update to my previous blog post about the Nintendo 3DS. I’ve now had my 3DS for about 3 months now and my opinions about the 3DS are still lacking. How badly is it lacking ? Well, let’s just say I’d easily trade in my 3DS for a DSi XL so you be the judge of how bad it lacks.

3D is still an infant to the gaming world so there’s not too many 3DS games out there that is actually worthy of playing with the 3D setting enabled. For Example … Cooking Mama : Kitchen Magic – there’s nothing 3D about the game. Maybe the Logo and Mama’s actions when you do a excellent job on a recipe but that’s about it. Graphics are still completely in 2D and a bit of a backwards jump instead of forward. Previous versions of Cooking Mama had better graphics than this one.

Now my collection of 3DS games isn’t exactly that extensive yet mainly cuz I haven’t found a game that really pulls me into buying. So far I have Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, Cooking Mama : Kitchen Magic, Nintendogs : French Bulldogs + Cats *This one came with my 3DS*, and I just recently bought Harvest Moon : Tale of Two Towns. If you’d like me to post up a review about any of those titles let me know.

But so far my view on the 3DS is … Meh ! The 3DS eShop isn’t very extensive as the DSiWare. There’s not too many titles that seem worthy enough for shelling out the $$$ to buy it. Unless you have friends with a 3DS or live in a area where you’d think there’s a few 3DS owners in the neighborhood … Street Pass and other Multiplayer features are kinda useless. Especially when the 3DS doesn’t seem to be attracting enough people to wanna buy it.

There aren’t any game titles out that are worthy of playing on the 3DS. My only views of worthy games is … Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, and Probably Luigi’s Mansion when it debuts. I would include the Zelda : Ocarina of Time but I haven’t played it nor bought it to judge properly.

Overall for the $169 price just go with the DSi XL cuz you’ll get to continue playing your favorite DS games and DSiWare from what I’ve read/seen/heard provides a great variety and extensive amount of choices some being very good. The 3DS just isn’t what you expected it to be. When you first have it you’d think this is really cool and be all happy/excited about it but later it fades into disappointment enough to pass it over to your Little Brother or Sister and play the Wii instead.

But there’s still hope for us 3DS owners cuz being it’s fairly new I am sure there will be updates, additions, and improvements as time comes but how long til we see improvements that will make 3DS worthy of owning … only time will tell.


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