Hit and Run … Who’s at Fault ?

Lately there’s been alot of Hit and Run reports on the local News and many have been tragic where lives were lost. But who’s really at fault in Hit and Run cases ? I know logically everyone points at the Driver who hit the pedestrian and flees. But in my opinion I think the fault goes both ways. I often times notice alot of people nowadays just carelessly walk across t busy street AKA Jaywalk when only a few feet away is a crosswalk where they can safe and protected legally to cross the street.

I understand that in today’s hustle and hurry world no one has time to stand there for the 5-10 minutes it takes to wait for the WALK sign to light up. But at the same time Drivers should be aware of people crossing the street whether legally or illegally. I know the DMV Handbook states that Drivers have the right of way if a Pedestrian is not crossing in a marked crosswalk or walkway. But come on people !! We’re not humans riding a enraged steel bull who’s on a rampage out to run anything and everything over. Where’s the compassion ?? Where’s the humanity ??

Common sense and Compassion is something I am beginning to think is extinct cuz everywhere I go nobody seems to have Common sense or Compassion anymore. If you see a mother crossing the street with a stroller do you think … Oooh, Moving Target !! Press that Accelerator ? No, you think to slow down/stop and let the mother and presumably infant/child in the stroller cross  carefully and safely.

But it seems too many people are influenced by video games like Grand Thief Auto, Crazy Taxi, Driver, Need for Speed, etc. that they think the real world outside their home is just like the virtual world they play in. Only difference is in the virtual world you run someone over they respawn or just curse at you til no end. Real world you run someone over you either permanently disable them for Life or take their life away from their precious loved one.

When you’re out there driving please be courteous to other drivers, don’t speed like you’re in a race, don’t tailgate too close, or cause road rages. You’re the only one getting affect if you get pissed off over someone driving at Speed Limits cuz most likely you’ll end up with High Blood Pressure and speeding more than before just bcuz the car you pass was going 35 the speed limit. If you’re lucky a cop will pull you over and consequences for your anger issue will be dealt. Just be safe on the road and use common sense and compassion. The worlds got enough shit heads … don’t recruit or add to their population.


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