The Lunar Cycles and You … What’s the connection ?

For those of you living in California you would have noticed that it’s a Full Moon out and it was a Full Moon the night before. Many believe that Full Moons link to human emotions. Some say the Full Moon is to blame for suicides, crimes, and brings out a side of them that they normally don’t see or experience. Although there are no proven studies linking the Full Moon to Human emotions. There are plenty of people who believe otherwise that the moon get’s their emotions in a whirl.

Now just like the quote … “To Each Their Own” everyone sees the Full Moon differently and I’m not talking about Time Zones or the fact that when one side of the Earth is seeing the Moon the other is seeing the Sun. I’m saying that each person experiences a Full Moon Lunar cycle differently. I do know people who find the full moon romantic and have conceived a child under the full moon light. Then there are people like myself who sink into a dark depression phase during the Full Moon cycle.

So yes I’m currently feeling a tad depressed and have burst into tears several times today. But I am not blaming the full moon. Maybe I am as one person called me … A Whack Job. Whatever the reason I just hope this Lunar cycle changes cuz this Moon is really bumming me out. But I am trying to remain positive as I step outside I smell the sweet scent of what I believe is the Magnolia tree emitting a very floral fragrance. I sense Spring is around the corner as floral whiffs can be sniffed in many different places. Oh Spring how I Missed you !

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