Lost and Never Found … (=A=”)

For those of you who have pierced ears I think you’d understand what it feels to touch your ear only to realize you’re missing an earring. You search all over the house for it and panic especially if it was a favorite earring. (=~=) *Sigh* I’m definitely feeling that at the moment. I itched my right ear only to find my earring is missing. I tried retracing my steps but to no avail unable to find the missing pair. And sadly yes it was one of my favorites.

(T~T) This is twice that I’ve lost a favorite earring. My first one was my #1 most favorite and had sentimental value cuz it was the earring I got my ears pierced with and  it had a cute Hello Kitty face. My 2nd one that I just noticed I lost was also a Hello Kitty face. Now I know losing an earring isn’t that important bcuz it’s a material item like all material items can be easily replaced but it kinda sucks that you end up with a bunch of earrings that’s missing a partner. I mean unless you’re a pirate with only one pierced ear it wouldn’t be a BIG deal but it’s sad to lose an earring.

Hopefully I’ll find this missing earring but if not I guess that gives me an excuse to go earring shopping or to just wear a different pair from my collection. Maybe I’ll wear my Red Gummi Bears ? (n__n)


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