What’s in a Nickname … Is it important to you ?

Today I want to blog about Nicknames we all get tagged with a nickname whether it’s just a shorter version of your real name such as Vicky instead or Victoria or Tony instead of Anthony or a fictional/adjective nickname to describe you or your personality like your friends nickname you Ms. Giggles cuz you laugh alot or Shorty cuz you’re short. In ones Lifetime you go through many different nicknames. I know I have at least.

My current nickname is MYT CR8TiV or the MYT Lovely Flores. MYT is my initials prior to marriage and Flores is my now marital name but in spanish Flores also means flower. I’ve always pronounced my initials of MYT as Mighty (My-T). So whenever I use it it has positive meaning bcuz one it’s my initials I was born with and being mighty can work in many different ways … Spiritually, Emotionally, Physically, etc.

Now that I’ve gotten married the Flores part matches me just as well too bcuz I’ve always LOVED flowers and Spring-time is my favorite season of the year bcuz it’s the time many beautiful flower flourish and bloom. My husband always jokes you’re a flower now and a mighty lovely one too. He was sweet when he said I’m the luckiest man in the world cuz I have the most lovely and beautiful living flower that is unique and one of a kind. (n_n) So that’s where MYT Lovely Flores came from. What’s your nickname ? If I wanted I could give you a list of ALL the nicknames that’s been placed upon me in my 30 yrs of living. Some pleasant and some hurtful but I think that’s best kept to myself.


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