My Secret to Crispy Fried Anything !!

If you love or crave French Fries and want to make your own homemade but always end up with soggy oil soaked Fries then I need to share with you my secret to Crispy Fried anything and that’s to use Zatarain’s Fish Fri powder. If you’re making French Fries all you need is about a cup of the Fish Fri powder, a Ziplock freezer bag, and potatoes cut up into sticks. Place the cup of powder into the Ziplock bag, place the potato sticks in, and give the bag a shake to coat the fries completely. Next all you gotta do is heat up some oil and you could chose a healthier choice oil like Grape, Peanut, Coconut, Sesame, etc. But plain ol’ Canola or Vegetable oil works too. Fry them up in small batches so they don’t clump and stick together. Fry them up til they’re golden brown and drain on a paper towel and a wire rack while you finish up the rest of the batches.

This Fish Fri powder can be used for anything from Sweet Potato Fries, Eggplant, Zucchini, Pumpkin piece, even apples or pears. Now if you’re going to be frying up some apples or pears my suggestion is the add in a couple tablespoons of sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg cuz keep in mind this powder is salted and seasoned to be used on fish so unless you like salted apple you gotta sweetest the powder up a bit.

But this Fish Fri powder is so versatile. You can use it on anything that you want to end up crispy fried. I’ve used it on Chicken strips to make my own Crispy Chicken Strips. Of course it’s excellent on fish filets for those nights you’re craving Fish ‘n Chips. I recommend you go pick up a box of this and try it for yourself. I love it on Eggplant !! Fry up the Eggplants then lay them out in a baking dish, pour a little spaghetti sauce on top and shredded cheese you got yourself a Eggplant Parmigiana. Just be sure not to leave it in the over too long as it can become soggy. Just enough to warm the spaghetti sauce and melt the cheese like 10-15 minutes.

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