Terrifying Nightmare … (>A<)

Dreams and Nightmares are a normal part of the subconscious mind as we’re asleep. Some believe Dreams have meaning … Some believe it shows a glimpse into the future … Some believe it’s a puzzle/riddle depicting a time in your Life whether Past, Present, or Future. Whatever you believe about dreams is up to you but we all get them and some can be pleasant, some can be awkward and hard to describe or understand the meaning, and then there are those we dread and hope to never dream about again. Those that I’m describing are nightmares. Monsters chasing you, Zombies on the attack, etc.

In ones Life time we will experience many different types of nightmares. Some that leave us in a pool of sweat as we sleep, some leave us crying in our sleep, and then there are those and just completely snaps you outta bed, freaked out, and glad it was just a bad dream. I experienced that this morning and it was not pleasant. Probably the worst I’ve ever had in my entire Life. I believe it may have left me slightly emotionally scarred and traumatized. I hope to never dream like that again or for something like that to ever happen in reality.

Many are curious and interested in hearing about other peoples dreams whether good or bad so I’ll share my bad dream with you all. It was very terrifying and at the same time my Love, Respect, Honor, and Sympathy deepened to those who experience such a dream in reality. So below is the very bad dream that woke me up around 8:30am out of breath and terrified. I’m gonna keep it short as my dreams often remain very vivid in my mind well after I’m awake so I tend to remember every bit of detail and sometimes it can get long. I don’t wanna bore you or steal your precious time so I’ll try to keep the description short.


My Bad-Dream : I was @ my Mom’s house and sitting in the dining room where I normally sit when I’m at my Mom’s. My Brother walked in and mumbled do I wanna go to Disneyland. I heard him but wanted to be sure and said “What ?” He didn’t repeat that as he’s not the type to like repeating himself. But I said “I’d love to go to Disneyland” !

So the dream took me through the entrance of Disneyland oddly some friends were there with me. My husband was also in the dream but he was looking for a parking spot in the Disneyland parking structure. So my one of my friends and I decided to hop on a ride while we wait for him. Now dreams aren’t always 100% accurate as Disneyland does not have a ride like the one in my dream. It was a Dragon swing but rather than one gigantic dragon shaped ship it was a small four(4) seater dragon ship and it had buttons given riders the option to swing like a normal Dragon swing or to just stay stationary as the ride swung in circles with mini ships swinging.

I’m not a big fan of the Dragon swing so I asked my friend not to press the swing button. But half way through I decided what the hey and pressed the button. It was quite fun but dizzying at the same time. Once the ride was over we walked over to a bench by a gardened area and waited for my husband. The parking structure was a few feet from where we were sitting. I could hear the chirp chirp of my husband engaging the car alarm so I knew he’d join us soon.

My friend and I started talking she was asking about the hole in my shirt but then she gazed up at the sky. It was a cloudy day with greyish puffy clouds.¬† I said “What ya lookin’ at “? So out of curiosity I also gazed up at the sky and saw a yellow 1916 Fighter plane with Red symbols fly behind one of the clouds. I said to my friend … “Cool, it’s an old fashioned plane. Must be an airshow nearby”. The clouds parted and cleared up only to show hundreds of these Yellow/Red Fighter planes flying above. At first everyone just watched in aw as the planes flew over. Then a plane in the distance was dropping what looked to be yellow balls. I said to my friend “What’s that plane dropping” ? Later there it got very smoky and the air burned the inside of your nose. Nobody knew what to think but later the planes flying above us also release yellow balls. They were painted bright yellow and decorated with a red symbol just like the plane.

Everyone scattered and ran for their lives. But oddly I just stood there watching as these yellow balls came to focus and actually yellow and red painted missile bombs that looks like rockets. One landed right by my feet and I knew I was done for. I trembled in fear as I waited for it to explode and obliterate me to my end. But instead soon as it hit the concrete the tip of the rocket popped open and spewed a poisonous gas cloud.

The whole Disneyland park was shrouded in this poisonous gas, people crawled on their knees gasping for air as their lungs burned from the inside, and still many just ran for their lives screaming with mothers carrying their young children as they covered their faces with jackets and ran as fast as they could. More fighter planes continually flew over and continually dropped their gas bombs.


Then *POP* nightmare bubble popped and I woke up short of breath, breathing hard like I just ran a triathlon, and completely terrified. I wished my husband was home to comfort me but he had left for work already. I sat there freaking out and started crying as I felt alone and completely scared. As if to mock my fear I hear airplanes outside my window but being it’s 8:30am it was probably helicopters of the local news stations reporting on traffic but the sound was eerie and chilled me down to the bone.

I immediately texted my husband in efforts to get comfort but without him physically here it wasn’t much help. I grabbed my iPod and went on YouTube in a frantic search to find something that will push the images of the dream outta my head and calm me down. So I watched video clips of kittens and cats doing funny things. I began to calm down and was comfortable enough to get some more sleep. I prayed before I went back to sleep that I won’t have another dream like that or any for that matter.

I was able to comfortably get another hour or so more of sleep. But this is a dream that I never wanna relive and feel a deeper compassion for those around the globe who’ve experienced a situation like the one in my dream in reality like the A-Bomb of Japan and Veterans who were in the line of duty experiencing live bomb droppings of WWI – WWII and the likes. I definitely have more honor, compassion, and love for our Soldiers who fight/fought in past, present, and future war zones.


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