YouTube = Hole in Wallet ??

I’m sure many of you browse YouTube and YouTube has really come a long way from when it first started hosting video clips to what it is today. YouTube is not just a place for watching Video Clips but it’s also become a Teacher/Classroom. There isn’t anything that you can’t watch and learn from a YouTube tutorial. I’ve learned/perfected many of my hobbies with the help of YouTube whether it’s my drawing skills, knitting, crochet skills, or getting that extra help to complete a video game level. But lately YouTube has been burning a hole in my wallet bcuz I’m finding tutorials of crafts that look so awesome that I have to try it myself which means having to go out and buy the same/similar supplies that the person in the tutorial uses so I can replica my own/follow along with the tutorial.

I found myself spending hundreds of dollars on ribbons to craft those cute hairbows in YouTube tutorials, buy fabric/fabric supplies for that sewing project tutorial, running out to buy Polymer clays and searching for clay tools to make an adorable clay charm tutorial on YouTube, etc. I’d normally not even think about these type of products/crafts even thought I’m a avid crafter. But seeing how simple it can be done and shown a very clear to understand step by step tutorial totally enhances and inspires you to run out and try them yourself. Craft stores like JoAnns and Michaels I am sure has gotten a BOOM in business with sites like YouTube, CraftGawker, and Pinterest causing people to flock into the Crafting supply shops to try out what they saw/learned.

I mean I don’t really mind spending the money to try out crafts you learned on YouTube bcuz if you perfect it … you can attempt to market it on sites like Etsy or become so inspired to think about opening your own website to sell/share all the craft projects/knowledge you have earned/gained over your Life time. (n__n)

So I’d like to take the time to Thank and recommend a few YouTube channels for you to subscribe to to learn, enhance, and inspire your creative side. *Links included* ( ‘__^) Enjoy !!

[] Mikeyssmail AKA The Crochet Crowd :

Mikeysmail –

The Crochet Crowd –


[] DragoArt *Great Drawing Tutorials* :

DragoArt –


[] CaffeineGirl13 *Great Paper Crafts* :

CaffeineGirl –


[] IHaveACupcake *Great NailArt and Polymer Clay Tutorials* :

IHaveACupcake –


[] JustAddABow *Best Place to learn Basic Hairbow Tutorials* :

JustAddABow –


Etc… Etc … ETC …. YouTube is an endless vast site of tutorials of any kind whether it’s cooking, drawing, wood craft, video games, etc. Whatever tinkles your fancy I’m sure you’ll find it on YouTube. So go out there and try something new by learning through YouTube.




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