Skylanders : Spyro’s Adventure

Hello, Everyone ! Happy Monday !! Hope everyone’s week is starting off on a Positive note. As for me … After a pretty wet weekend of rain. Only thing I could complain about it that it’s frigid cold. Probably not as cold as those in the Eastern US where temps can fall below zerO. It’s currently 57-59 degrees and I’m the type of person who doesn’t like anything below or above 69 degrees. Sitting around in shorts don’t help either but I can’t wear sweatpants for the fact that they attract my dogs hair so badly that my sweatpants go from sweatpants to dog fur pants. Meh ! I’ll just make myself a cup of Hot Cocoa or a cup of French Vanilla coffee later.

Anywhoo let me get back to the topic at hand which is … Skylanders : Spyro’s Adventure. I am sure many of you who have kids encountered this in your local stores. I have been a video gamer since the day I can sit up and hold a controller in my hand. So going from retro gaming to the current gaming scene … I can tell you that video gaming has surely come a long way from the pixelated 6-bit graphics that I grew up with. I have literally experienced the evolution of gaming from the graphics getting better and better to the technologies like the 3DS bringing video gaming to a whole new level for the new generation gamers.

I’m glad that I’m still alive and well to enjoy these new video game technologies. Now with the Skylanders it’s a whole new concept to gaming as the toy figurines come to life inside the game with the help of what they call the Portal. I originally bought the Skylanders game for Wii as a gift to my Nephew. But as I watched him play it … I became intrigued by the pleasant graphics and concept of how a toy comes to life in the game. I can totally see this transforming the toy industry into creating MANY different toy figurines to be compatible with the Portal for Skylanders.

How cool would it be to have Disney characters be able to come to life in a Epic Mickey like game using the Skylanders Portal concept or even Pokemon renovated to the N64 Pokemon Stadium like gameplay where toy Pokemon Figurines come to Life using a Skylanders Portal concept. The ideas are endless and each company can edit the design of the Portal to match the game. For example … Disney can just have a Mickey Mouse head shaped Portal and Pokemon could have like a Pokeball or maybe a platform from a Gym Leader(s).

Ok ok … I’m starting to ramble off as usual. On to the review … As I explained previously the Skylanders game is a interesting concept where a toy figurine comes to Life in the Video Game via the Skylanders Portal. I purchased the Skylanders game for the Nintendo 3DS. I must say that again game developers weren’t able to create the game with 3D ability that would WOW you. It’s actually better played in 2D than with the 3D setting on. I rarely if ever used my 3D setting on my 3DS as I find the games to become less vibrant in color and clarity when you turn the 3D on. Only games I do play with 3D on slightly is Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land.

Umm … the graphics of the Skylanders game is beautiful and very detailed. Game play might be a little difficult at the beginning as some of the monsters are tough to beat and the objectives are difficult. When you do complete the objective the enemy Hektor times you to race to the finish line which I don’t really like bcuz it makes you rush to the ending of the level rather than being able to explore and take your time.

You are able to keep Two(2) Skylanders with you on the game but always able to swap with another using the Portal. After each level is completed you both your Skylander characters gain experience *Exp* points to which will level up your character making it more powerful and gain more skills. Umm … each Skylander starter pack comes with Three(3) Skylander figurines. The 3DS one which I bought has a Limited Edition Dark Spyro, Ignitor, and Stealth Elf.

Also they include web-code cards for each Skylander figurine which you can enter online to enter a online Mini-Games world to earn money as well as interact with other Skylanders all over the globe. It’s still in BETA so the site can be laggy at times, not load properly, or just freeze/hang there. But I’m sure over time all these will be taken care of and the site would run faster and smoother.

I would have to say that Skylanders seems to be a bit more aimed towards the Boys than girls as when I browsed the Skylanders collection there’s only Two(2) characters that are female which is the Stealth Elf and Hax *A Black Witch like Character*. Hopefully in the future they’ll create more characters that are aimed towards girls or possibly make an entirely different Skylanders series just for girls. Something like Petlanders or something with toy animal figurines like Kittens and Puppies that come to life in the game.

Overall I’d recommend this game for anyone who likes collecting toy figures and MMORPG like games. I’d give the Skylanders : Spyro’s Adventure a 9.5 outta 10 rating.

2 thoughts on “Skylanders : Spyro’s Adventure

  1. Russell says:

    Great post.
    I am a fan of skylanders and can’t wait for the new GIANTS release in autumn 2012

    • MYT CR8TiV says:

      Hopefully in the Skylanders GIANTS they have updated the levels to go higher than just 10. I was deeply disappointed to hear that after level 10 it don’t get any stronger. My Dark Spyro which is my main character I play with could use to be a little stronger as I’m stuck on this one level and finding it difficult to complete. I’m thinking of buying Sonic Boom cuz he looks pretty cool but I think of other priorities first so when I have spare $$$ I might get it.

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