Dedicated to the one I Love … Mahal Kita !!

Today’s blog post is dedicated to my husband. The one person who has enhanced my Life in many ways that I’ve lost count. He is the reason I get up each morning and the reason I am who I am today. I know this may sound a bit mean but sometimes it takes the misfortune of others to realize and appreciate your own Life.

I have been with my husband for over 12+ years and been married for almost 1 year. From experience I expected the passion between us to fizzle away after the 2-4 yr. mark bcuz most relationship and married couples I knew their relationship fizzled away after time and kids, jobs, finances, Life struggles, etc. puts a strain on their marriage and makes it go stale. I was afraid yet accepting the fact that my marriage will be just like that over time.

But you know … Don’t believe everything you experience. My relationship with my husband grows stronger each day and we act as if we’re newly dating. I feel the same if not more in Love with him since the day we first met and my Love continually grows that I’m often afraid of dying from internal bleeding as my Love for him overflows outta my heart.

From the day he came into my Life … my Heart no longer pumps blood and my veins aren’t full of blood rushing to and from but Love. His Love pumps through my veins, His Love is what keep my heart pumping as every beat is for him, and the warmth I always feel even on a cold chilly day is bcuz of him.

My Life was draped in Black and White but when he came into my Life it was like the game Epic Mickey. He painted my world with bright colors and the sun shined through what once was a dark and cold Life. What once was a drab and dreary meadow is now green and blooming with colorful flowers, fluttering butterfly, pouncing bunnies, and everlasting Life. I owe everything to him !

I can never imagine what my Life would be without him and I hope that day never has to come. But I know that it’s inevitable and someday I will have to live my Life without him but til that day I am going to Love him more and more. Just as vast as the Universe is my Love will continue to grow til it reaches the ends of the Universe and when infinity ends *which is never*.

So on this Monday I ask that you Love someone whether it’s your Kids, Mother, Father, Husband, Wife, Dog, whoever. Take the time out of your busy schedule to start the week off in Love. Don’t believe all the hype, myths, stereotypes, and hogwash that people say about Love and Relationships. If two people Love each other very dearly then it will withstand all obstacles, haters, and fate will keep it eternally alive. I Love you, hubby !!


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