Better Health = Better Choices

Everybody nowadays wants to eat better and make better food choices. I ❤ my Junkfood and it was incomprehensible to completely remove junkfood from my Life bcuz I’m trying to eat healthy. So I’ve gone on a journey to find junkfood that is a better alternative from the Cheetos or Ruffles Potato chips. My adventure took me from bland chips that tasted like Styrofoam to snacks that were healthier in calories but high in sodium or sugar.

I was in a snacking mood last night and trying to avoid the bad chips even though the Lime Hot Cheetos were tempting me I found an aisle at my local RiteAid that carried health foods and that’s where I found these Olde Cape Cod White Cheddar Popped Crisps. They were $2.49 compared to the $3.49-$4.49 for the Cheetos or Ruffles chips of the same size. Since I normally like anything in White Cheddar flavor I decided to give them a try.

One taste and I was loving it. It tastes like a cross between popped popcorn and a potato chip with only 130 calories, gluten free, and completely natural. I could see myself eating these anytime I got a snack attack mood. Sometimes you just have to go with the Trial and Error approach when trying to make better and healthier choices with foods. One thing that’s true is … Healthier isn’t always tastier.

I learned at an early age that anything that’s good for you doesn’t exactly taste good. I think everyone learns that at early age when your Mom tells you eat your broccoli cuz it’s good for you or Peas, Brussel Sprouts, Spinach, etc. But there are health foods out there that are flavorful and addicting to the palate. This bag of Olde Cape Cod Popped Crisps in White Cheddar is one of those healthy for you and flavorful foods. Give it a try !! Comment back if you’ve tried them before.


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