Please, Visit my 2nd Blog Page …

Hello and Happy Friday !!! (n_n) I am sure everyone is very excited for the Easter weekend and the kiddies are all eager to search and hunt for all the eggs the Easter Bunny has hidden as well as all the fun activities in store. *Ahem* Now today’s blah blah blog entry is to invite you to my *NEW* Blog site … After lots of encouragement from Friends to open my own website regarding all my creative drawings and handmade crafts that I make.

(nOn) SOo… *Makes Trumpet sounds* Doo Doo Doo Dah I have opened up !!! On this blog site I plan to share and hopefully sell my handmade crafts as well as inspire/teach others to enhance their cr8tiv side. I will try to make tutorials on how to draw, craft simple things, and share tips as well. So I do hope you’ll share and follow my other site as well as this one. This blog is mainly for my … Well, Psychotic Babble as the blog title states. I will continue to Babble here but I will be trying to post up on MYT CR8TiV as well.

Thank you for following my blog(s) and I appreciate your dedication and interest in the things I have to say and babble on about. Hope you all have a Easter bursting with colorful eggs and jelly beans. But don’t forget that Easter isn’t all about the Candy, Fluffy Bunnies, Egg dye, and Chocolates. It’s also to celebrate and remember the resurrection of Jesus Christ and commemorating the dedicated act of sacrifice that he has made for us. Celebrate him as well on Easter !!

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