Stop Domestic Violence !

Today my Monday rant is about … Domestic Violence !! I’m against ANY and ALL forms of cruelty whether to Animals, Humans, Living or Non-Living like Stuffed Animals. When I heard that the daughter of a close family friend was beaten by her husband and her husband was sent to jail for Domestic Violence. I was appalled !

No man nor woman should ever raise their hands at anyone ! Even in Self-Defense it doesn’t entitle you to hit another person, child, animal, etc. There’s other non-violent ways of solving the problem besides using a fist, gun, or foreign object. I know that tempers and negative emotions are on a high right now with the economy struggling and many people losing their jobs or struggling to get by each day but the stresses of Life does not entitle you the right to use your Spouse, Child, or Pet as a punching bag to release your frustrations and stress.

It was hard to know that someone close to the family had to endure the pain of an abusive spouse and domestic violence. Domestic violence doesn’t solve anything but rather it’s like pouring gasoline on a small brush fire. It will consume the entire forest in very little time. This person doesn’t know the damage it has caused to himself, his children, his family, and most importantly his wife and marriage.

I have to admit that I myself have been in a few abusive relationships in my time. Not exactly physical but emotionally and mentally abusive. From those experiences I can tell you that nobody NOBODY deserves to be treated in that kind of manner and should not … I repeat SHOULD NOT have to.

Many Domestic Violence victims are in denial and feel they deserved what they got and can’t do any better. Many of them won’t leave the abusive relationship/marriage until the only way they leave is in a casket. Seriously, people there is something morbidly wrong with your spouse if they are hitting you hard enough to bruise, make you bleed, or breaks a bone. Get out of that situation ! I know it’s not as easy as it sounds but getting help is your one way of ending the pain and hell you’re enduring.

The world has Humans and Beasts trying to co-exist and sometimes you just gotta stay away from the Beasts of the world bcuz they are not one of us and many should not even be existing. Life is precious and every person deserves to be treated with respect, love, and Life their lives in Joy and Happiness. Advocate against Domestic Violence !!


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