Pls, Log-in to Facebook ! Bah !! (T~T)

Ok, I like Facebook just as much as any other Facebooker but I am becoming a bit annoyed at the fact that practically everything requires or requests you to log on with your Facebook account. I don’t exactly like that my Facebook Log-In is being used as an Alternative to traditional log-in which required an account and password to be created. Everything from voting on an American Idol contestant to wanting to read a Yahoo Online article all ask if you’d like to log-on with Facebook and they take your information to spam your walls with junk and/or share what you were reading automatically without your knowledge.

Facebook is a great place to socialize but I don’t exactly like the idea of being asked to log-in with my Facebook account to do simple tasks like comment on a blog or play a game on my iPod Touch, iPad, or Android phone. I prefer the old traditional method of creating an account and password. Facebook doesn’t need to be the center of my universe and have a umbilical cord so to say attached to me and my facebook account requiring to be logged into everything I do.

I’m not saying I’m gonna quit Facebook but they really need to quit smothering users with unwanted changes and asking that everything be logged in with the Facebook account. It’s annoying !!

2 thoughts on “Pls, Log-in to Facebook ! Bah !! (T~T)

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