Shame on you App Store !! (T^T)

Today’s blog entry is to express my disappointment not exactly in the Apple’s App Store but the developers who make Apps available through the App Store. I’ve been noticing more and more that developers are avoiding or making it impossible for you to contact them for support or for any reason for that matter. Your customers AKA app users should be #1 priority and like everything in Life you’ll be dealt with harsh criticism or comments but you take them with a grain of salt and work to improve your app.

There is an app of which I enjoy very much and I wanted to submit a suggestion/feedback to. But their website has a false email address which returns your email as undeliverable and there’s no other way to contact them. Some apps when you click App Support just leads you to a site that has no link to contact them or submit your support request.

These types of App developers give the App Store a bruise or black eye bcuz they sucker users out of their money and pretty much run off without means of contact if you need app support. It’s like having someone sell you a counterfeit iPhone posing as it’s a real iPhone, take your money, then disappear without a trace so you can’t contact them when the fake iPhone doesn’t work.  Apple dusts their hands off from any App transactions by stating that everything is Final and buy at your own risk. NO REFUNDS !

But it’s just sad that there’s people out there to steal a dollar from someone’s pocket and not care or offer the customer service that should be required. It’s a no-brainer that you lose potential customers or profit when your Customer Service manners are sub-par. There was an app I was considering purchasing but had a question first but the app developer avoids being contacted by not posting any contact information. So you sir lost an opportunity to gain .99 cents from me. (-__-) Sad that app developers could even have such an attitude towards their app users. So all I can say is … SHAME ON YOU !!



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