A Sca-hairy Salon Experience ! (T ^ T)


Doshiyo ? *What to do in Japanese* Happy Monday everyone !! For me it’s anything but happy. Yesterday I decided to take the plunge and get a hair makeover. My 30th Birthday is this Saturday and I wanted to make a change/do something drastic. So I decided I’d get a new hairstyle and color I’ve always wanted to dye my hair a tone of red either darkish red like burgundy or bright red like a cherry.

I found a style I liked online and went to the local salon where my husband get’s his hair cuts. Everything was going fine. She cut my hair and all was great until the hair dying part. I have naturally black hair and from my own experiences hair dye does not stick to black hair so I knew she’d probably bleach my hair which she did.

The bleaching tingled my scalp a little which I figured was normal. But when she went to apply the color dye it burned very badly. She asked me several times if I’m doing okay and being this was my first time getting a professional cut and color I didn’t know what to expect. I did say to her that it’s burning and she said a little was okay. (T~T) It wasn’t burning just a little it was burning to the point where I was fidgety in the salon chair.

She left the hair coloring in my hair for over 30 minutes as she tended to any male customers which arrived. After she was free and the time has passed on my color processing as she called it … she rinsed out my hair, shampooed it, added conditioner, and took me over to the chair where she finished up with what I call Fluff and Spray. She used a Blow Dryer to fluff and style it then sprayed a some volumizer and hair spray.

I paid $65 and went on my way thinking nothing outta the ordinary as my husband who patiently waited almost 2 hours for me to be done gleamed from ear to ear and said that my *NEW* look was gorgeous. That alone melted any anxiety or worries I had since this was my first time getting a professional cut and color. Normally I have my Mom cut my hair as she has been cutting my hair for over 20+ yrs. But she’s getting too old to cut hair now and her arthritis in her hand makes it difficult for her to hold the scissors.

After doing some shopping I got home and before bed took a shower to get the dried clumpy hairspray out. That’s when I noticed something was wrong. The water spray from the shower head was very painful and stings like if you took a shower after a bad sunburn. I did my best to apply shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair. Blow dried my hair and got ready for bed.

Before going to bed I decided to play on my iPad before clocking out for the night. After a few minutes I felt water running down the side of my head. My hair was completely dry and I wasn’t sweaty so I was curious as to where this water came from. I grabbed my towel and dabbed it off. Then more came running down my head but on the other side. I touched it with my finger and it’s clear but a little sticky like hair  gel. I ran my fingers through my hair and noticed several damp spots with this clear liquid. I placed a towel over my pillow and went to sleep.

Woke up this morning and saw a blotchy red spot on the towel along with my hair having clumped strands like I had put hair gel or hair spray on while asleep. I’m not sure if those blotchy red spots on the towel is blood or the red hair dye. But I’m beginning to suspect that my scalp was chemically burned and that burning sensation when she applied the color dye wasn’t normal.

When it started burning really bad and she reassured me that it’s okay it probably was anything but okay. Being it was my first time getting my hair professionally done and this is the stylist that cuts my husbands hair I didn’t wanna make a bad first impression by complaining or coming out a whiny baby. So I just bit my tongue and endured it all. Something I now deeply regret !

I’ve always been a advocate of natural beauty and loving what God has given you. To not cover up your true beauty in make-up or cosmetic surgeries. I very rarely wear any make-up and if I do it’s generally just lip color and eyeshadow if that. After this experience I deeply regret making the choice of going for hair and color. Maybe I should of just gone with the cut only and having my scalp burned would of been avoided. (-__-)

Don’t envy other people’s natural hair color and be grateful with the hair color God and your parents have blessed you with. I am sure you’re looking at a red head and thinking her natural copper colored hair is gorgeous but the lady with the copper colored hair is probably looking at you and thinking your natural silky black hair color is beautiful. I’ve had my hair highlighted before but never completely dyed like this and you can bet that this is my first and last time too.


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