Happy Birthday 2 Me !! Happy Birthday 2 Me !! (nDn)

Today marks my 30th year here on this Earth and like this quote I read online … Life is not about the years you’ve been on this Earth but the years that took your breath away. I’m a firm believer that you don’t get old unless you think it. I believe that it’s not how old you are but how young you feel that matters and that age has nothing to do with it.

I may be turning 30 number wise but in my heart I’m still only in my teens. But I must take this time to count my many blessings in the 30 yrs. that I have been existing. I have so many things that have happened to me in my 30 yrs. of Life … Some Positive, Some Negative, Some I’d rather not remember, Some that has changed my Life forever … But all in all so far I’ve lived a good Life and hope to continue doing so til my next milestone year which is 50 ?

So I want to take the time to thank the many wonderful people in my Life both those I know in real life and those I know in my cyber life. Even though we may not have met in real life you are a important part of my Life as well. Here’s to many more years of Blessings, Love, and Memories !!

Happy Birthday PsychoBabble *Me* !!


I forgot to add that Today is not only my Birthday but also a Holiday for those Mexican culture and Japanese culture.

In the Mexican culture today is Cinco De Mayo which marks the victory in the Battle of the Puebla. But also to just in general celebrate the freedom and independence that most Latinos strive for.

In Japan today is Kodomo No Hi *Children’s Day* or Boy’s Day. It it generally celebrated with the rising for the Koi Noibori which is a colorful Koi fish/Carp fish windsock and the general rule is the bigger koi is for the Father, Medium is for the oldest son, and the Smallest is for the youngest son. It it generally to celebrate the lives of our Children and ourselves as we were all once children.

So Happy Cinco De Mayo … Happy Kodomo No Hi … and Happy Birthday 2 Me !! Let’s all party and celebrate the day !! \(nDn)/

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