Lost but not Forgotten … Rest in Peace !!

I’m sure many of you are aware of the many talents we’ve lost this 2012 year from Michael Jackson the King of Pop to Whitney Houston the Queen Diva to authors such as Maurice Sendak. Now we lost another legendary talent … Donna Summers. I’ve come to the age where the talents of my days are disappearing and all we have left it the talents of the new generation which are like Nikki Minaj, One Direction, Bieber, etc. None of which could ever compare to the music and lyrics of Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Donna Summers, etc. But they are humans and one pitfall of being a human is we’re not immortal.

Sooner or later our time will come and we all must leave this earth/life. It’s just a deep reminder that Life is short and death is unpredictable. You don’t know when your time will be. It could be tomorrow or the next day or the next week so don’t sweat the small stuff and Love each other unconditionally. I know that Gay marriage is always a hot topic amongst people but Life is too short to hold a grudge against a couple for being gay or to harbor hate towards the LGBT community. If you get to know them they’re wonderful people who are no different than a hetero-sexual person. They deserve the same utmost respect as anyone else. And Life is just too short and precious to be harboring any negativity.


One thought on “Lost but not Forgotten … Rest in Peace !!

  1. click says:

    Nice post . Thank you for, posting on my blog man! I will email you soon! I didnt know that.

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