Trying to eat Healthier – Day #1 : Cucumber Salad

I’m trying to eat a little healthier and last night for dinner I made a very delicious Cucumber salad. I thought I’d share the recipe with you. This is my own recipe as again just an experiment gone right. I love cucumbers !! I love them as a snack with just a sprinkling of salt, I love them as pickles, etc…  I just love cucumbers !! So when I can find them on sale @ my local grocery store I don’t pass them up. The grocery store around the corner from my house had cucumbers for sale @ 8 for $1.00 price so I grabbed 8 cucumbers and was generally just going to eat them sliced with a sprinkling of salt. But last night I wanted to do something more with them. So I sliced them up as you see in the picture and made a rough salad with them. So below in the ingredients I used …

[] Cucumbers about 4-5 large ones *Sliced*

[] One(1) White Onion *Cut into four wedges then thinly sliced*

[] Two(2) Green Bell Peppers *thinly sliced*

[] 5-6 slices of Crispy Fried Bacon *Crumbled up*

[] Two(2) Roma Tomatoes *Sliced in four wedges then thinly sliced*

Place all the ingredients into a large salad bowl – Sprinkle in a teaspoon of seasoning salt and black pepper – Toss and serve

I gave the Cucumber Salad a little more umph by drizzling some Fat-Free Italian dressing on top but not too much. It was a very refreshing and delicious salad that I had two servings of it. I could see myself eating this every other day … sure !


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