A Rose is A Rose … No Matter it’s Color ! (-__-)

I was meaning to post this earlier but forgot about it. Today I want to Blog about Equality. Equality is something means alot to me and I strive to fight for Equality of all types whether it is the Equality of Gay couples, Equality of Animals, Equality for the Elderly and Disabled, etc. Equality is important to me bcuz all my Life I have been a victim of inequality and being treated as unequal … different.

I grew up with a physical disability from the knee down and this disability caused me to walk with a limp or waddle like a penguin. Kids never played with me bcuz they saw me as different, an alien or monster and many children are just raised to not to interact with different. If it looks different, smells different, or just different don’t touch it, don’t play with it … leave it alone.

What stirred up this blog topic is a news report I watched yesterday on ch. 9 KCAL 9 News. With Summer coming around the corner they were doing a report on Swimming Pool safety. The news reporter talked about kids and how important it is to have them get swimming lessons at an early age. Then she goes on to talk about a report study done showing that African-American children compared to Causasian children 90% of the African-American children can’t swim.

I was appalled and disgusted that anyone would even do such a research. Is this where our tax funds go ? Separating and comparing ethnic races against one another ?? This is why we have stereotypes and why we live in such an unequal world bcuz we like to separate ourselves from one another. Like my title says a Rose is a Rose no matter what it color. Just as humans are human no matter what it’s color or ethnic background.

Saying something like Black children can’t swim compared to White children is the same damaging effect as when people say ALL Asians can draw Anime and Academic Geniuses. Well, news flash I am Asian and  failed most of my classes in School and I even dropped out of High school. I am not an academic genius and as a matter of fact I struggle to understand simple things like basic mathematics. My friend who is also Asian can’t draw if his life depended on it and he got by school with a C Average.

It’s stating something like white children can swim and black children can’t that brews hostility in a person and lowers a child self-esteem. Makes them feel inferior and like they’re not as worthy as the white kids or feel equal. We all have our weaknesses and those are not based on our ethnic race. It is based on our individuality as a person alone not the color of our skin.

I really wish the world would just be color blind and see everyone as one color. Equally treat and respect one another as human to human not Asian to Latino or Black to White or Chinese to Korean. But as one human to another. No matter what color or ethnic background we are all of one species … Human !!

Just like Dogs come in many different breeds from German Shepherd, Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Pitbull, Bull Terrier, Labrador, etc. Each has it’s own traits, strengths, and weaknesses but deep down they are all the same K9 species. Equally wonderful just as the other breed or the next. So it’s sad to hear even news reporters … I know they didn’t write the report but just reading it. Still separating and comparing one race to another is never acceptable.

So as we remember the many soldiers whom we’ve lost and those who are fighting both past, present, and future this Memorial day weekend let us remember we are all fighting our own battles in many different ways but no matter what that battle is we all deserve to be treat equal. Equality is a privilege we all deserve just as independence and freedom that was fought for us in many wars of the past and present. A world of Equality should also be fought for not only for us but for future generations to thrive in a world of Peace and Equality.

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