What to Know if you get Disability or SSI income …


Hello and Happy Wednesday ! Today my blog is going to be about a few things I’ve come to learn about Social Security and to share what you need to know if you’re disabled and getting Disability or SSI income. Below are the DON’T that can get you to lose your Disability or SSI income.


Now one of the DON’Ts when you’re getting Disability or SSI income is you can’t have a Life or it’ll cost you. If you even have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend and you live together you have to report it to Social Security so they can count every dime, nickle, penny your Boyfriend/Girlfriend owns and deduct/reduce your Disability or SSI income based on that.

Another DON’T is you can’t be in a Domestic Partnership such as being a couple but not ever getting married. Social Security still considers a Domestic Partnership a marriage and will treat you as if you are married. They will tally up your partners resources such as Cars, Life Insurance, Income, Personal Properties, etc. and deduct/reduce your Disability or SSI income off that.

The resource limit Social Security has set is at $3,000. You and your spouse/partner cannot have any resources over $3,000 or your Disability/SSI amount will be reduced or in worse case scenario even get revoked.

Social Security doesn’t want a disabled person to be in a cohabitation whether that’s living with a friend who’s helping you with day to day Life or a boyfriend/girlfriend. Unless you live alone in a apartment or whatever they want you to report where you’re living and whom you’re living with. They don’t care if you’re disabled to a point where you need assistance to do certain tasks like shower or go to the grocery store.

Now you’re probably wondering why am I posting this and what this has to do with anything. Well, I am physically disabled from the knee down and have been since probably birth … it wasn’t noticed til I was about 2-3 yrs. old. I started getting SSI income when I was about 17-18 and in Life you meet that special someone you wanna spend the rest of your Life with. Well, I did and everything was fine til I got married in September 2011. Social Security immediately started counting ever nickle and dime my husband had and counting whatever resources I had which was None. But they came to the decision that I should no longer receive SSI income without properly weighing in the consequences.

Both my Husband and I have personal debts that we’ve gained prior to marriage. My husband doesn’t make alot of money and he’s the sole income provider as I am unable to work due to my disability. Majority of his income goes toward the rent, monthly utilities, and his personal debts such as personal loan payments, etc. Just his income alone was able to cover his personal debts as well as the daily needs of Life such as Rent, Utilities, Food, etc. He made just enough to cover those things.

But Social Security felt he can magically squeeze out extra $$$ and pay for my debts as well as his own and the daily needs all by himself. My SSI income was helping me pay my personal debts like Credit Cards and a few shared bills like cell phone. With my SSI I was able to help my husband pay a few of the monthly bills that had a light monthly balance. But since I got married Social Security has pulled the plug to my Life line so to say and left me high and dry with bills I can no longer pay for as my sole source of income has been revoked.

So to those who receive Disability/SSI income let me tell you … Always report to Social Security about every little thing you do in Life. If you move in with a friend, If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend and living together, If you go into a Domestic Partnership, and especially if you get married. Marriage seems to be the #1 killer to your Disability/SSI income benefits. You lose your Disability/SSI income if you get married. So I guess Social Security don’t want Disabled people to get married and to be in Love.

Also don’t want you co-living with anybody unless it’s a perfect stranger bcuz if you’re living with a friend or special friend they will nickle and dime your friend to see if they’re resources go over the maximum $3,000 limit and cut you off from getting any more Disability/SSI income. I think the rules vary from State to State but I live in California and apparently in California Disability/SSI is not based on your Disability like it should be but rather it’s based on Marital Status and Resources.

2 thoughts on “What to Know if you get Disability or SSI income …

  1. Sherry says:

    Very good info here..thank you!!

    • MYT CR8TiV says:

      You’re very welcome ! I thought I’d put up information so people can learn off my experience and void or prepare for what’s expected to follow. I’m still having a hard time adjusting to life without my SSI income and paying my before marriage bills are difficult now just depending on my Husband’s income. But we are working with Social Security to find if the Social Security has a heart of compassion and will at least give me some SSI income back. We’ll just have to wait and see. I will post a update on whether the Social Security is just another Uncle Scrooge or just a Grinch.

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