Are Women more Unsanitary than Men ??

So it’s been awhile since I last posted a Psychotic Babble in my Blah Blah Blog but this Monday I wanted to blog about something that really puzzles me. I think I’ve blogged about this before but I can’t remember if I did or not so I’ll revive the topic. First, of all how’s everyone’s Monday going so far ? Did ya all have a good weekend ? I know I did. I always have a blast spending time with my loving husband and only Best Friend/Soulmate. I’ll post details of my wonderful weekend at the end of this post for those of you who just love hearing about other peoples weekend adventures.

Now to start my psychotic babbling and continue on with this blah blah blog entry for today. As the title questions … Are Women more Unsanitary than Men ?? Now you may be asking what am I pertaining to as in unsanitary ? Well, I’m talking about Public Restrooms. We all use them at one point or another in our lives. Some due to the discomfort of knowing someone else’s bum was on that toilet seat or the fear of germs prevents them from using public restrooms but when you gotta go … you gotta go !!

So my question is why is it that Women’s restroom is always more dirty than a Men’s restroom ?? I admit I have used the Men’s restroom on a few occasions where the Women’s restroom was either out of service or I really had to go and the Women’s restroom was occupied. I was surprised at how immaculate the Men’s restroom was. Women’s restroom is almost always got crumpled paper scattered across the floors, trash can overflowing, and just a mess like a tornado blew through there.

I went to a buffet for dinner yesterday with my husband and used their bathroom. (O_o) I was shocked to see the bathroom in a complete mess !! There was wads of toilet seat covers scattered all over the floor, toilet paper strands on the floor, and the bathroom sink was covered in water puddles all over the sink counter. I did what I could and grabbed a couple paper towels and wiped down the sink so the next person to use the sink wouldn’t have to accidentally touch these puddles accumulated on the sink counter.

But it was appalling to see the Women’s restroom which you’d normally think would be kept clean and tidy always be messy and looking like we have no bathroom manners. My husband says Men’s restroom is always clean with no toilet papers on the floor or messy sinks. Really ? Come on Women ! We’re always stereotype for being pretty, always wanting to keep things tidy and organized, and conscious about cleanliness and germs. Men are the ones stereotyped for being messy, unclean, and disorganized but now it seems like the shoes on the other foot.

When I use a Public restroom or anything public for that matter for example a hotel room or dinner at a restaurant … I always keep in mind a quote that my older brother once told me when he shares his room with me when I spend the weekend @ my Mom’s and that was … Leave it just as you came. This quote can be applied towards anything whether it’d be a public restroom, hotel room, dinner table at a restaurant.

The quote means leave the area just as you came. For example … when you’re on vacation and rent a hotel room. When you first come into your hotel room … you find it clean, tidy, bed is made neatly, and all is nice. So when you leave the hotel … leave it in just the same way … clean, tidy, bed is made neatly, and all is clean just as you came. This can be applied to restaurants even though the waitress/waiter will wipe down the table after you leave it doesn’t hurt to leave it as you came meaning when you sat down at that table the condiments such as Salt/Pepper shakers were in their little holders, table was clean, and tidy. So when you leave use a clean tissue and wipe down the table, put back any condiments used in their holders, and leave the table tidy as you came.

Now with public Bathrooms the quote is kinda a different situation bcuz if the bathroom when you came was a mess doesn’t exactly mean you should leave it a mess. Common courtesy towards the next person(s) to use the restroom should be put to use. When you use a public restroom treat it as if you’re using the restroom in your home. You wouldn’t leave your home restroom with trash all over the floor, sink wet with water puddles, and an overflowing trashcan would you ? Of course not !! So why do the same to a Public restroom ?? I take the extra time to pick up any trash on the floor put then into the trash can, wipe down the bathroom sink dry if any water puddles are just sitting there collecting bacteria, and I always carry a small perfume in my bag so a few spritz to freshen it up for the next person(s) doesn’t hurt either. ( ‘_^)

I know maybe the women’s restroom is a mess bcuz of the children as most mothers enter the restroom with their children but Mom’s teach your children not to make of mess of the restroom while you’re doing your business. A public restroom is not like a Chuck E. Cheese playland where kids can see who can roll the toilet paper the longest or find out how many toilet seat covers are inside that dispenser or use the bathroom sink as a miniature water park and splash each other. They grow up you know and they grow up being disrespectful adults who have no manners or common courtesy for others or other peoples property bcuz they never learned at a young age to be respectful and have manners.

Too many children are being raised to pretty much do as they please these days. I see kids playing tag in the grocery store while Mom shops in peace without the kids or caring that they’re into trouble. I have seen kids who take something off the shelf and place it on the floor when Mom leaves their sight. Mom didn’t bother to tell their kid to put it back on the shelf and why bcuz they think it’s fine the workers will clean it up when it’s closing time. What happens … Kids grow up think there’s always someone else to clean up after them so they don’t have to.

Ok, I’m straying away from my main topic now but what I’m trying to say is … ladies would it hurt to take a few minutes of your time to pick up if the restroom looks a bit messy and would it kill ya to take some paper towels and wipe the sink dry for the others who will be using this restroom ?? I really don’t think it’s necessary that Women’s restrooms always be so messy and such a disaster area to visit. If  you just make the effort then it’s worth it on many levels. Such as the person(s) to use the restroom next enters to cleanliness and the worker has less work to do cuz we all know we don’t find any pleasure in cleaning a toilet. But if we take the time to keep it clean then we won’t have to clean the toilet or restroom so often.

So as my brother said … Leave it as you came ! Engrave that into your minds whenever you go to leave it as you came. You go on vacation leave your hotel room as you came when it’s time to head home and when you visit a friends house or stay over with family … leave the guest room in which you stayed just as it was when you arrived … Clean and Tidy *Hopefully*. LOL


Now for those of you who are interested in reading about other peoples weekend adventures I promised at the beginning of this post that I’d share with you what made my weekend so amazing. Well, here it is … Enjoy !!

Saturday : My husband and I made a trip to Redondo Beach. This beach has quite alot of sentimental value to us. It is the place he took me on our 2nd date … it is the place he got lucky if you know what I mean … it is the place we go pier fishing every so often … and we just always have a good time visiting this beach. So on this particular day we were hoping to eat our usual meal which is the Fajita Shrimp plate and Clam Chowder in a Sourdough bread bowl then hit the arcade for a few fun games. I like to try to win tickets to redeem for their surprise box cuz sometimes it has some good stuff inside. My husband played most of the ticket games this time as I was busy adding to my plushie collection by playing the crane games. Went home with Four(4) *NEW* stuffed animals to add to my collection. And my husband won enough tickets to get me Three(3) surprise boxes. This time they didn’t really have good stuff inside but I got Three(3) neat compasses which will be useful for drawing circles, Some 1990s Baseball cards which I hope have some type of collectors value to them, a childrens belt, and some other knick knacks. Once I got a surprise box that had decals for tile like kitchen tile/bathroom tiles. I used them to decorate our shower tiles and they still remain there til this day. Really prettied up the look of the shower. We had a really nice time ! Took some photos and just enjoyed the beach breeze. We didn’t get to eat the Shrimp Fajita Plate and Clam Chowder though. I guess economic struggles hit even these restaurants that their prices have skyrocketed.

Sunday : We ate lunch/dinner @ Zen Buffet in Monrovia. This is our first time eating at this location. We usually go to the Zen Buffet on Rosemead Blvd. in San Gabriel. After we ate we went to the local Laundromat to do our laundry. Then it was Beach Day 2 but this time we went to visit Santa Monica Pier and we got there right about Sunset. We enjoyed the Sunset and went to play a few games on the pier. We sat to play a water race game and who knew that I was gonna be the winner. I won a very large and adorable My Melody doll. After we walked the pier my husband and I went down to the boardwalk where he likes to go jog. So first he power walked the beach and since I am in a wheelchair you can sorta call me his giant baby in a stroller. He power walked while pushing me in my wheelchair then gradually worked his way up into a light jog. It’s pretty fun to be pushed at high speeds. 😛 But this is my new wheelchair which I got *Free* from a charity donation but my old wheelchair which was metal not plastic ran more smoothly at high speeds. This wheelchair wobbles and vibrates badly at high speed. (=^=) I miss my old wheelchair ! But come nightfall we walked the beach and enjoyed again the beach breeze. (T~T) I don’t really like that the stench of the salty ocean really stays in your nose even after you’ve left the beach. We got home and I still smelled the beach in my nose. I can still smell it right now. That musky salt water smell. Bleh !

And that was my amazing weekend spent with my loving husband. I Love You, Mammy !! (n U n) I call him Mammy bcuz he’s like my Mommy but being isn’t a Man Mommy … Man + Mommy = Mammy. He’s my Mammy not Mommy !! LOL It’s fun to have pet names/nicknames when you’re in Love. What does your Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Husband/Wife/Life Partner call you ??


One thought on “Are Women more Unsanitary than Men ??

  1. Corr Autore says:

    Part of my job is cleaning the bathrooms, and the women’s room is usually worse, with more unflushed toilets, more hair in the sinks, and blood on the seat at times, but the men’s room has paper on the floor more often.

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