Happy Father’s Day to all you Dad’s out there !!

As many of you are probably well aware … it’s Father’s Day this Sunday ! Now for me Father’s day brings on a bit of sadness bcuz I don’t get to spend it with my Dad. He’s spending it with our Lord Father in heaven now. But Father’s day still brings out a certain glow in me. Maybe bcuz I’ve always been Daddy’s Lil’ Girl. I am the youngest of my family and I always loved being around my Dad. So many fond memories that we’ve shared together and so many places we’ve traveled as a family. Many of the memories are so vivid in my mind that it feels as if they were just yesterday. Oh how I miss those good times !

But Father’s day isn’t just about your Father. Fathers day is about Fathers in general whether it’d be your own or someone else’s or someone who was just like a Father to you. So celebrate this Father’s day not just with your Father but all Fathers. Always love and respect your Father even if he isn’t a part of your Life or the perfect Father. Yes, there are quotes out there that say it takes a Man to be a Father and a boy to runaway from it. But those quotes are just slander created by angry mothers who are hurt by the decisions their mate made.

Mother’s don’t plant seeds of hate into the innocent hearts of your child bcuz you’re left a single mother or bcuz of the heartless act your children’s father has done or chose. And children don’t harbor hate inside you by disrespecting your Father. Deep down he thinks about you and wishes he could be a part of your Life. If you have contact with him a simple text message, email, or even a hand-made Father’s day card will make his day feel extra special.

Rather than hatefully saying something like I have no Father or Mom’s showing your anger towards their Father by saying something very mean, disrespectful, or hurtful to or in front of your children about their Father … instead be a responsible parent by teaching and planting the seed of respect into your child’s heart. If you’re divorced I am sure you still keep contact with your husband via court ordered custody or child support payments so would it really kill you to give him a call just so your kids can wish him a Happy Father’s Day ? Bitter or not the kids should always be rasied up to Love and Respect their Father just as the bible commandments state … Always Love Thy Mother and Father.

My Father may be in heaven but I still have a God-Father whom as a child always treated me as if I were his own. I am sending him a letter wishing him a Happy Father’s Day and expressing my gratitude and appreciation for all he’s done for me when I was a child. So even if they aren’t your Father they deserve to be appreciated and celebrated this Sunday. Wives don’t forget to get a little gift for your Husband. They may not be your Father but they are the Father of your children and like I’ve explained through this entire blog post … Father’s day isn’t just about your Father but all Fathers in general !! Also don’t forget to show some love to our Lord Father up above. Have a Happy Father’s day everyone !!


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