You know you’re getting old when …

You know you’re getting old when you start your day with a nice glass of Bitch and Whine. I just turned 30 last month and I immediately feel older. Things that never bothered me before do now. I often catch myself saying things like remember when or yearning to be back in the past. I find myself saying things your grandma or elder would say like back in my days music was understandable, back in my days we weren’t stupid enough to inhale freon or helium, etc.

I truly feel the taste of old age finally getting to me and I fear that I’m going to grow older into a bitter old bitch who whines and complains about everything cuz it’s already starting. I saw a teen wearing mascara and fake eye lashes thinking she looked pretty with the tops of her eyes blackened so thick and dark like she used a chisel tip sharpie as eye liner. In my younger days I wouldn’t give a F**k what they looked like or even cared. Never bothered me but now everywhere I look everything bothers me !

Turn on the car radio the music they’re playing on ALL channels are horrible music. The trends of the new generation doesn’t attract me and why should it ? It’s for the new generations. One Direction, Justin Beiber, Twilight these are all things of the new generation. They don’t know what the heck Carebears are or what Smurfs were or what Atari and Coleco Vision are. I’m officially old generation. I’m no longer cool to the new youth of today. I’m just a lame old fart like all the teens these days feel about their elders.

When I was growing up I felt the same way. Never thought my Mom was cool bcuz she wasn’t into the music I liked, clothes style I liked, or understood the things of my generation. But now … (=_=) Mom I’m truly sorry ! You’re the coolest person I know and hopefully if and ever I have kids my kids will not look at me and rolls their eyes to say You’re so lame, Mom !! I’m trying to change my perspective and prevent myself from being a grumpy old hag but it’s too late. If I had a stamp … I’d be stamping so many things with a Bitch and Whine … I hate it stamp.

I guess what I’m trying to say is old age has hit me like a ton of bricks. I never imagined I’d grow old but I’ve finally reached the hill and it’s all gonna be an uphill climb til I get over the hill and tumble down the other side into a casket. (-_-)


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